Import Definition:

  1. You can define Import as, Imports are goods or services that are purchased in one country and produced in another. Import and export are components of international trade. If the value of a country's imports exceeds the value of its exports, the country has a negative trade balance (BOT), also called a trade deficit.

    • Imports refer to products or services manufactured abroad that are purchased in their country of origin.
    • Countries are more likely to import goods or services that their domestic industry cannot produce as efficiently or cheaply as an exporting country.
    • Free trade agreements and customs rates often determine which goods and materials are the cheapest to import.
    • Economists and political analysts do not agree on the positive and negative effects of imports.

  2. Buy goods or services from abroad and bring them into the country.

Meanings of Import

  1. Bring (goods or services) from abroad to a country for sale.

  2. Show or mean.

  3. Goods, goods or services imported for sale from abroad.

  4. The meaning or significance of something, especially when it is not directly stated.

Sentences of Import

  1. Avoid importing more Japanese cars

  2. Cheap imports from Eastern Europe

  3. The scope of your message is clear

Synonyms of Import

meat , intention , nuts and bolts , nature of beast , significancy , tenor, drift, significance , thrust, bring in, burden, spirit, thrust , gist, intendment , buy in, substance, point, non-domestic commodity, meaning, buy from abroad, point