Implied Consent

Implied Consent,

How Do You Define Implied Consent?

  • Implied Consent definition is: Indirectly (through behavior or inaction) knowing that someone will approve or consent. In New Mexico, for example, a person who has obtained a driver's license expressly consents to a police officer taking a blood alcohol test or alcohol test if the police suspect that the person is driving safely. ۔

Literal Meanings of Implied Consent


Meanings of Implied:
  1. Recommended but not reinforced.

Sentences of Implied
  1. He saw your implicit criticism


Meanings of Consent:
  1. Permission to do something or permission to do something.

  2. Let something happen.

Sentences of Consent
  1. No changes can be made without the consent of all partners

  2. Approve the spy investigation

Synonyms of Consent

accede to, allow, accept, acquiesce in, concede to, concur with, go along with, yield to, conform to, abide by, agreement, give permission for, give in to, approve, agree to, submit to, assent to, concurrence, sanction, comply with, accord