Impaired Physicians Exclusion

Impaired Physicians Exclusion,

Impaired Physicians Exclusion:

  1. A simple definition of Impaired Physicians Exclusion is: There is an exception to most types of occupational health insurance, which excludes claims coverage when the doctor is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances. The reason for this exclusion is that when doctors have defamed such substances, those errors are under the control of the insurers so they can be prevented. In fact, the purpose of this exemption is to reduce the ethical risk associated with insurance for doctors who have not found a cure for the problem of drug addiction or addiction.

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Meanings of Impaired:
  1. Weak or bad

  2. You have a special type of disability.

Sentences of Impaired
  1. Weak banking system

  2. Deaf child


Meanings of Physicians:
  1. An individual is qualified to practice medicine, especially one who specializes in medical diagnosis and treatment rather than surgery.

Sentences of Physicians
  1. Our family doctor

Synonyms of Physicians

medical woman, medical person, medical practitioner, medical man, doctor, doctor of medicine, MD


Meanings of Exclusion:
  1. Action or exception or status of exception.

Sentences of Exclusion
  1. Drug addicts are exempt from military service

Synonyms of Exclusion

barring, prohibition, banning, disbarring, embargo, debarment, keeping out, debarring, ban