Immovable Property

Immovable Property,

What Does Immovable Property Mean?

  1. The real estate market is also known as real estate and includes land, houses and buildings.

Literal Meanings of Immovable Property


Meanings of Immovable:
  1. I can't move

  2. Accommodation.

Sentences of Immovable
  1. Attach your bike to something like a street lamp

  2. If George rejects inheritance, "he must do so for movable and immovable property, or at least show why buildings and real estate should be inherited."

Synonyms of Immovable

fast, riveted, braced, anchored, moored, set fast, fixed, set firm, rooted, stable, secure, firm


Meanings of Property:
  1. Something or things that are common to each other

  2. An attribute, quality or feature of something.

Sentences of Property
  1. Oliver wanted his belongings out of the house

  2. Thermal properties to produce metal at constant speed

Synonyms of Property

movables, feature, power, hallmark, belongings, attribute, quality, personal effects, trait, effects, things, possessions, worldly goods, goods, mark, chattels, characteristic, stuff