Imagenes Que Se Mueven

Imagenes Que Se Mueven

Why do I see animations? 3

Suddenly, I turned to look at the object and saw a short, short animation of the image out of the corner of my eye. For example, I once saw a picture of my cousin swinging her legs and lowering her body as if she were about to fall. Even when I read comics, I see them moving, even if it's not out of the corner of my eye, and when I see them, they move. I don't drink, man, I don't even get drunk. Can you tell me what it is?

Hahaha i will do the same

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Well, it's all because you have a lot of imagination (you say you read humor), even if you don't believe it, it really affects you because you The mind has a different view of the world, perhaps not too much in it. . But at least in depth or it's done by Mande and it's in your mind maybe not ::: and still you do it and others don't

This is also because memory creates images in the parts of the brain where you think you see them, so you can say that this is just an optical illusion.

Like when people see a soda or water machine.

You may say that you have an unconscious desire (cold) or that you are a very anxious person.

PS: You owe 5 stars is one of my longest answers hehehe good wishes especially seeing you

It is with me even in the changed state of consciousness because I am not asleep.

Because pictures move like jelly, it's natural that you don't fall asleep.

Well, you are in a changed state of consciousness.

I saw it too and I don't know if it will fix or improve the situation, because this deception is very specific to me and I have been focusing on pictures, that's all and that's what motivates me, it's myself. Repeats . Very

This is an optical illusion, for example, focus on a red shape and suddenly turn to a bright spot and you will see a green shape like red.

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Imagenes Que Se Mueven