Illuminate Prefix

Illuminate Prefix

What is the antecedent, base or root and suffix of the word enlightenment? For some reason I can't find it. 3

To illuminate (verb) = to illuminate the light.


Previous: en = en, en

Root: Lumin (name) = light,

Suffix: ate = used to indicate that [be] ... or [be] should be done ....

To be enlightened literally means to be in the light.

More specifically, enlightenment comes from the Latin verb luminare = to illuminate. The past part of luminare is luminatus = bright, bright, brought to light. The English suffix comes from the Latin suffix of ate past participle, atus. When a Latin verb ends in are, the English equivalent of the verb derived from it usually ends in eat, which comes from the Latin word atus. Example: Begging comes from Latin advocare = call, call, advocatus = (what is) be called / call.

However, sometimes English verbs ending in ogy end in ate, but not derived from Latin verbs ending in são, sometimes created. An example worked. There is no Latin verb event, although the stem event (s) is Latin.

Illuminate Prefix