Illinois Squirrel Season

Illinois Squirrel Season

Illinois Ting Squirrel and Blaze Orange Laws? ۔

It's been a while since I last picked up a small game in IL and checked out some state land locations for T.

According to their website, they only list the required orange light for certain times of the year and do not mention squirrels.

Does anyone know if I should use it on a squirrel?

When it's deer hunting season, it won't be clear other times. You can read about it here.

I use it here for deer and quail / quail. G game requires only T. But bright orange helps you see where others are. For all of you, we would say that it doesn't matter if the deer saw its reflection in the mirror or not. First, bright orange fabrics do not reflect more than other colors. Second, three years ago I was sitting on a log by the river at noon. I had the Orange Flame because it was also the season of the magazine. A beautiful deer crossed the river and passed me at a distance of about eight feet. I'm not stupid because I don't have a deer mark. If that doesn't prove that deer don't care about oranges, I don't know.

All you need to do is use Orange Light during the bachelor party season.

Illinois Squirrel Season