Ignition Interlock Causing Car Problems

Ignition Interlock Causing Car Problems

Has anyone heard that the interlock ignition device causes electrical problems in the car? 3


My autolock has been broken for 6 weeks.

I just received a receipt from a mechanic for $ 425 to replace the ignition switch which did not work immediately after the ignition switch. My AC controls were unexpected and my indicator light was still on, so I finally checked. The mechanic was a GM dealer and I was told that he was directly involved in the installation of the immobilizer.

Ignition switch problems

Problem with ignition

Well, I've seen and covered my quota of DUI crashes and some cases. However, it is very easy to get involved in drafting laws / rules / issues that the government can control. For a long time, I thought I had given up more freedoms than the government. There are thousands of traffic laws and every state has DUI rules. Can the government protect the health of all by breaking the law? No, I don't like driving or texting. Make up, use your cell phone and eat while driving. We recently had a local accident where a woman was applying nail polish and a woman was in the brake light behind the motorcycle. I don't think ignition will stop it. A tougher sentence may help, but money is usually debated in court or with a lawyer. Usually a convicted felon and a broken family need to end up in prison. Revoking a driver's license does not prevent them from driving.

I was stuck for 6 weeks. Replace the battery with a new one after the first week. He gave me 4 more weeks. A. Disruption problem never installed.

I installed an immobilizer in my car to repair the car. Since then, I have to charge the battery every few days. The charger reports that it is operating at 25%. This is a new battery.

I have a 2003 Dodge pickup truck and I have one electrical problem after another after installing my lock. Also, the time I have on three different devices is not always limited to 5 minutes unless I say 10 minutes until I have one, and then 30 minutes.

Ignition Interlock Causing Car Problems

Ignition Interlock Causing Car Problems

Whenever you turn electricity on or off, you expose your vehicle to new power lines and the mechanical problems that come with them. Replace or remove and repair the ignition switch.

The block doesn't matter. People who deal with them almost always cause problems. Manipulation eventually leads to the fact that you lose the ability to drive despite your current limitations.

Ignition Interlock Causing Car Problems