Definition of Igloo:

  1. Cargo container designed to fit the contours and width of an aircrafts cargo hold.

  2. A type of dome-shaped shelter built from blocks of solid snow, traditionally used by Inuits.

Synonyms of Igloo

Apse, Arcade, Arcature, Arch, Arched roof, Archway, Avalanche, Blizzard, Camber, Ceilinged roof, Concameration, Concha, Cove, Crystal, Cupola, Dome, Driven snow, Flake, Flurry, Geodesic dome, Granular snow, Hogan, Jacal, Keystone, Longhouse, Mantle of snow, Mogul, Ogive, Skewback, Slosh, Slush, Snow, Snow banner, Snow bed, Snow blanket, Snow blast, Snow fence, Snow flurry, Snow roller, Snow slush, Snow squall, Snow wreath, Snow-crystal, Snowball, Snowbank, Snowbridge, Snowcap, Snowdrift, Snowfall, Snowfield, Snowflake, Snowland, Snowman, Snowscape, Snowshed, Snowslide, Snowslip, Snowstorm, Span, Tepee, Tupik, Vault, Vaulting, Voussoir, Wet snow, Wickiup, Wigwam

How to use Igloo in a sentence?

  1. An igloo village.

Meaning of Igloo & Igloo Definition