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Meanings of If:
  1. A condition or assumption

  2. (Introduction to conditional clauses) with the condition or assumption that is in this case.

  3. It doesn't matter.

  4. (Often used for indirect questions) Yes.

  5. Please be polite.

  6. To express an opinion

  7. Expression of surprise or regret.

  8. (With a clear warning) And maybe not.

  9. Average frequency

Sentences of If
  1. There are many yes and no things in politics

  2. If you have a complaint, please write to the manager.

  3. If it takes seven years, I will

  4. Asked do we need coffee?

  5. What if you don't mind sending him a message?

  6. It's a long journey, if you don't mind me saying that

  7. Good if not Frank!

  8. The new leader has little or no control.

Synonyms of If

hesitation, if and only if, with the provision that, whether or not, provided, allowing that, vagueness, on the assumption that, contingent on, doubt, providing, assuming that, with the understanding that, supposing that, with the proviso that, on the understanding that, presuming that, given that, in the event that, lack of certainty, uncertainty, provided that, supposing, assuming, whether, as long as, presuming, allowing, providing that


Meanings of You:
  1. This speaker is used to indicate the person you are talking to.

  2. It is usually used to refer to anyone.

Sentences of You
  1. You heard

  2. Over time, you will get used to it


Meanings of Can:
  1. I can.

  2. Is allowed

  3. Used when someone is asked to do something.

  4. (Grocery) box.

  5. Dismiss (someone) from your job.

  6. Cylindrical metal container.

  7. Jail.

  8. W.C.

  9. Female breast

Sentences of Can
  1. They can run fast

  2. You can use the phone if you wish

  3. You can open the window

  4. Sardines and enquies are worth the extra money when mixed with olive oil

  5. Trash

Synonyms of Can

canister, mamma, mammary gland, tin


Meanings of T:
  1. Length or metric ton.

  2. Spoon of coffee

  3. Numbers that typically characterize the distribution of a sample from a distributed population.

  4. The twentieth letter of the alphabet.

  5. Large T shape

  6. (In units of measure) Yours (10¹²)

  7. are you there.

  8. (From Sports Club) City.

  9. Spoon of soup

  10. temperature

  11. Tritium hydrogen isotopes.


Meanings of Find:
  1. Find or feel accidental or unexpected.

  2. Recognize or find (something) to participate in

  3. Arrive or Arrive (some), in person or without well-known human actors.

  4. Discovering something of value, something of archaeological interest in general.

Sentences of Find
  1. Lindsay saw Neil staring at her.

  2. Vitamin B12 is found in dairy products.

  3. Water finds its surface

  4. Made his most amazing discoveries in the Valley of the Kings

Synonyms of Find

observe, realize, be met with, be existent, perceive, appear, be, be present, acquisition, show itself, detect, asset, notice, discover, become aware, occur, learn, note, manifest itself, exist, discovery


Meanings of A:
  1. The first time a text message or conversation referred to someone or something.

  2. It is used to indicate belonging to a class of people or things.

  3. Used to indicate the value or ratio in or for each.

  4. (In travelogue)

  5. (In units of measure) Atto (10⁻¹⁸).

  6. (Related to sports events).

  7. (Used before date).

  8. Acceleration.

  9. The first letter of the alphabet.

  10. In the form of Capital A.

  11. Sixth note of the C Major Dytonic Scale.

  12. Ace (used to describe bridge games and other card games)

  13. One level

  14. Amperes (s)

  15. Ingstrom (s)

  16. Attack (in the position of US aircraft type)

Sentences of A
  1. A man left the room

  2. He is a lawyer

  3. Write 60 words per minute


Meanings of Term:
  1. Enter a descriptive name to be called by a specific name.

  2. Words or phrases that are used to describe something or to express an idea, especially in a particular language or field of study.

  3. A fixed or limited period of time during which something, such as an offense, imprisonment or investment, continues or is to continue.

  4. Every time of the year, alternating with holidays or vacations, when teaching at a school, college or university, or when court work is in progress.

  5. Terms under which action may be taken or there may be certain agreements or conditions.

  6. Any amount of ratio, series or mathematical expression.

  7. Another term for the term

Sentences of Term
  1. Called the father of modern theology

  2. The musical term "Latmotio"

  3. The president is elected for a four-year term

  4. Summer semester

  5. Only your path can be handled

  6. A geometric series is defined as a constant relationship between successive terms.

Synonyms of Term

length of time, duration, turn of phrase, entitle, stint, designate, idiom, session, provision, time, describe as, name, precondition, spell, proviso, locution, dub, phrase, specification, period of time, word


Meanings of Try:
  1. Trying or trying to do something.

  2. Bring (someone) to court.

  3. Very demanding (one person or quality, usually patience)

  4. Smooth with the plane on a perfectly flat surface (almost wood).

  5. An attempt to get something, an attempt.

  6. The act of touching the ball behind the opponent's goal line, scoring a point and kicking to the right of the goal scorer.

Sentences of Try
  1. I'm trying to breathe

  2. Arrested and charged with murder

  3. Mary tested everyone's patience

  4. Maternand was elected president in a third attempt

  5. We can find games played, exams, goal scores, siblings and parents, referees, captains, and more.

Synonyms of Try

seek, sap, weary, exhaust, make severe demands on, do one's utmost, do one's best, strive, endeavour, bid, wear out, put a strain on, effort, go, stretch, strain, do all one can, drain, test, make an effort, tire out, attempt, struggle


Meanings of The:
  1. Identify one or more people or things that have been mentioned or are generally known.

  2. It is used to indicate the next qualifying or definition clause or phrase.

  3. It is used to give a general reference to something rather than to identify a particular example.

  4. Coffee (especially one thing)

  5. (Pronounced with an emphasis on "O") Used to indicate who is the most famous or important person or person in that name or category.

  6. It is used with comparisons to show how one quantity or degree of one thing differs from another.

Sentences of The
  1. what's the problem?

  2. The noise that makes them

  3. He learns to play the violin alone

  4. I hope to post every month if I can find some money

  5. She is a passionate young jazz pianist

  6. The more I think about it, the more it destroys

Synonyms of The

the very beginning, the start, the beginning, the outset, the commencement


Meanings of Search:
  1. Search carefully and carefully or try to find something.

  2. Looking for something or other.

Sentences of Search
  1. Police conducted a thorough search of the scene.

Synonyms of Search

explore, rooting about, cast around, cast about, seeking after, ferreting, ferret about, probe, rummaging around, scavenging, exploration, dig, rummage about, quest, scouring, foraging, fish around, root around, rummage, rifling, rooting around


Meanings of Box:
  1. Install or provide boxes.

  2. Containers with flat bottom and side walls, usually square or rectangular and with a lid.

  3. Fill or create page area.

  4. A separate area or enclosed space within a large building, for example, for a group of people in a theater or playground, or for witnesses or jurors in the Supreme Court.

  5. Protective cover for device party.

  6. A mailbox at the post office, newspaper or other place where you can start receiving mail

  7. A woman's vagina.

  8. Fight your opponents with your fists during boxing matches.

  9. Hitting someone on the head with your hand as punishment or anger.

Sentences of Box
  1. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity

  2. Cyrillic box

  3. Sandy's picture is in the upper right frame.

  4. A box in the opera

  5. The other variant, with loop switching, goes into just one cable box.

  6. Box for English for

  7. A typical terracotta dish tastes better than ordinary chopped boxwood.

  8. He walked through the woods, "in front of the great wooden temple of the box," then on page 124, where he sat the "first practical, stump."

Synonyms of Box

carton, punch, parcel, spar, smack, wrap, bang, bundle, pack, crack, package, crate, slap, thwack, fight, hit, hook, cuff, jab, thump, bale, packet


Meanings of At:
  1. Describe the location or arrival at a particular location.

  2. Indicates when an event occurs.

  3. Select a specific point or class on the scale.

  4. Indicates a particular condition or condition.

  5. Express objects with appearances, gestures, ideas, actions or plans.

  6. It reflects the way things are done.

  7. Laos is one hundredth of the currency cap

  8. The chemical element austenite.

Sentences of At
  1. They live in a corner house

  2. At nine o'clock the children go to bed

  3. Prices from 18,500

  4. It hurts them a lot

  5. I checked my watch

  6. Holding prison guards under the threat of a knife


Meanings of Top:
  1. The highest or highest point, part or surface of an object.

  2. Closure, cap or plug.

  3. The highest or most important rank, position, or position.

  4. Clothing that covers the upper body and is worn with skirts, pants or shorts.

  5. The end of something away from the speaker or reference point.

  6. Top spin means

  7. Bundles of wool fibers prepared for spinning.

  8. A person who is actively having anal sex with another man.

  9. The first step.

  10. Rank, rank or rank.

  11. Name the flavor unstable quark (variety) with an electric charge of +2/3. Advanced quarks have features like up quarks and attractive, but their properties are more.

Sentences of Top
  1. Eileen was at the top of the stairs.

  2. When you come out of the tip, the feathers dry out

  3. Your skills will take you to the top

  4. He is wearing a shirt

  5. Bus stop at the end of the road

  6. Some players who can handle fast swing speeds, grab the ball and hit it, may not apply it too hard.

  7. It all started with a ribbon-shaped wool blouse.

  8. Top eight

  9. The buttons of his shirt

  10. Losses are expected to exceed $ 100 million this year.

  11. Baked potatoes with baked cheese

Synonyms of Top

high point, reach the top of, outdo, head, crest, crown, brow, loftiest, go beyond, coat, ascend, peak, better, overspread, beat, apex, ridge, improve on, upper, cork, transcend, zenith, plug, meridian, surpass, climax, topmost, brink, uppermost


Meanings of Of:
  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

  2. Indicates the relationship between scale or size and value.

  3. Refers to the relationship between two organizations, usually the organization of the association.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the reference point.

  5. It represents the relationship between a general type or type and a particular object belonging to that category.

  6. After a noun that comes from or is related to a verb.

  7. Joomla header is a predictive adjective.

  8. Identify the component or substance that makes the difference.

  9. Express the hour for the next hour.

Sentences of Of
  1. 5% increase

  2. North of Chicago

  3. Nice to meet you

  4. In New York, only a quarter to three

Synonyms of Of

made by, carried out by, caused by, by, done by, in, from, of


Meanings of Page:
  1. Browse (books, magazines or newspapers)

  2. Divide (software or data) into several pieces, store most of the data in central memory, and store the rest in virtual memory.

  3. Assign page number (book or magazine).

  4. One side of a piece of paper in a bound collection, especially a book, magazine or newspaper.

  5. Call (someone) through the public address system to deliver the message.

  6. A young employee in a hotel or another facility for shopping, doors, etc.

Sentences of Page
  1. I came across a huge pile of Sunday papers.

  2. In addition, Nvidia announced that with the release of the driver on May 21, the performance of audio operations will be significantly improved as the driver uses less bandwidth due to the improvement of memory paging.

  3. Page number is incorrect in some references.

  4. At least 40 pages

  5. No need to interrupt the background music just to call

  6. With all the panic in my stomach, I went out the door, where the Italian courtyard was waiting for me, took myself to the back room and let myself in.

Synonyms of Page

pageboy, messenger boy, leaf, errand boy, call for, folio, summon, side, broadcast for, sheet, ask for, send for, call