ICON Cryptocurrency (ICX)

ICON Cryptocurrency (ICX),

ICON Cryptocurrency (ICX) means,

  • ICON is a blockchain technology and network framework designed to allow independent blockchains to communicate with each other. ICON supports a cryptocurrency token called ICX.

Literal Meanings of ICON Cryptocurrency (ICX)


Meanings of ICON:
  1. Paintings of Jesus Christ or other holy figures, usually in the traditional wooden style, were revered in the Byzantine and Oriental churches as devotional aid.

  2. Individuals or objects considered representative or worthy of worship.

  3. A symbol or graphical representation of a program, option, or window on a screen, especially one of several options.

  4. A symbol whose form directly reflects its meaning, for example, is spoken in the form of a loud, insult.

Sentences of ICON
  1. Icon Clasts wanted to rid the church of photos, icons and even paintings.

  2. This iron when icon of American masculinity

  3. He also said that when services like cell phone graphics, icons, screen saver and new voice mail are collected, touch will prevail.

  4. Paris distinguishes three types of characters, namely, symbol, index and symbol.

Synonyms of ICON

genius, icon, portrait, statue, model, great, celebrity, image, representation, phenomenon, giant, luminary, figure, symbol, big name, superstar, idol, star, famous person, likeness


Meanings of Cryptocurrency:
  1. A digital currency that verifies transactions and keeps records through a decentralized system that uses encryption, not through a central authority.

Sentences of Cryptocurrency
  1. Critical currencies such as Bitcoin now have opportunities for personal wealth beyond imprisonment and prediction in bitcoins.