Ichigo Vs Grimmjow

Ichigo Vs Grimmjow

Which episode is Ichigo vs Grimmjow? 3

First time: 118 and 120

Second time: 139

Third time: 165167

Episode 168 is Captain Emma Arcus Claire. So there is no Ichi vs. Grimm.

In Episode 118, Graeme asks Rokia if she or Aichi are stronger: Fight SS.

Episode 120: Ss fight between Ichi and Grimm.

Episode 121: Kaname Tousen for Combat Betting. Ichi and Grimm.

Episode 139: Ichigo fights Grimm and loses.

Episode 140: Ichi and Grimm are stopped by Shinji.

Episode 165167: Grimm steals Orihime to revive Ichi. Grimm sends Ulquiorra in another direction while Ori heals Ichi. When Graeme is ready to hurt Neil, Ichi stops him and fights SS. The battle ends in 167, when Graeme is severely wounded and Ichi decides to end the battle.

Episode 190: Arc Res. There is no fight between Ichi and Grimm. Noitra intervened and tried Graeme. I think Ichi stopped Nnoitra.

Ichigo vs. Graeme

Graeme X X Ichigo

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Which episode is Ichigo vs Grimmjow?

The last (and best) battle episode is 166-168.

Ichigo Vs Grimmjow