Ice Tem álcool

Ice Tem álcool

Summer of ice cream? 3

I wonder, is the article alcohol? A large quantity?

I'm really drinking it. Doesn't it smell to me?

Yes; there is a different wine and it does not have a slight odor and it has the taste of lemon.

Don't drink up!

"First team!

Yes, alcohol.

Grade or less alcohol than other distilled wines.

Different smells or breaths depend on the person (ism), but there is always a cherry to hug you.

Drink moderately and well!

sminorff A small bottle of ice, can I drink?

Juice, answering machine, we go out like paperwork.

* Want to know if this thing is alcohol? Very?

Yes, this is a different kind of alcohol, Smirnov Ice has an alcohol content of 5% which is very low.

* I really drink, does it smell?

It's up to each person, not everyone else or it's up to you. I really like the difference in alcohol, but at the age of 10, Smirnov ice cream doesn't disappoint me. However, for minors who now consume alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages can be avoided.

Yes, a little tempted by the theory of alcohol, but tried. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Ice Tem álcool

Ice Tem álcool


There is alcohol, not much smell. Percentage of common alcohol

The tea man says I have 5% alcohol, I have no more! You can't get too much loco!

Shut up, it's in the jar. When you have alcohol, write on the law thanks label !!!!

Ice Tem álcool