Ice Bebida

Ice Bebida

Are you an ice crew?

There is no resemblance to the hidden beer.

It contains ice like soda + lemon juice + vodka.

It is true that the use of ten does not make you intoxicated or stinky, or makes people intoxicated or intoxicated and not of different types, ice cream or beer equals 4.7% alcohol while a vodka is close to 38% Is.

I want to drink more, or I want to drink vodka, I don't need to drink too much, it depends on your desire, you can try it with ice which you think you think is soda or vodka , The amount I can make. Taking a dose of vodka and quitting very differently ...

As far as the scent of the bed is concerned, it is an illusion, everything leaves the bed scent ... everyone maintains the difference of their choice like numbers or leaves, but who knows who will get closer to their mother What are you drinking

1 It depends on the person who drank, who he took advantage of to deal with the boy there, and the same person flops or I'm not drunk, I'm like you, without snatching that face Can number 6. The stench at the signal has ruined your shirt less than you.

2 flavors like lemon juice with some final uninteresting notes.

Great ... Looks like you drank the juice!

really nice ..

But it's for the benefit of all ... I like it ... we take it, take it, think that nothing will happen ...

Will see q later..loko more than jeta batman!

Ice Bebida

Ice Bebida

Under the age of 10, yes, intoxicated, the taste of coolness.

Ice is a better wine theory than wine, I'm not saying that here. Or ice cream © 5 and beer 4.6, anything. But snow doesn't stink

10 With ice you will be left, because there is nothing to drink.

I suggest you add it, drink two, there is no ice on the back, then water / refrigerator, then you can take another ice cream and with the fridge to help keep your behavior, crazy Can move on Or cool.

And don't be ashamed to stop drinking, keep drinking until you pay Mike.

It helps.

Very good, hair less EUAC, do you take like ten you get heat, but even this is not enough to get drunk, let's say you are really happy. It is made from lemon juice. Taste is born born, but I know people will think, yes we will prove that you are very strong, but no, and that you know that the number leaves the same scent of the bed. Give it a try, you'll love it. Now, that's a candy-type drink, so what you get is fun, but it happens again and again. RP

Good night, especially helped.

This iced tea usually contains about 55% alcohol.

With small bottles or cans, you won't get drunk.

But don't overdo it, of course I'm going to take it soooooooooo happy lol

And it doesn't stink, it doesn't drip, it calms down. It does not have a strong taste and can be compared mainly to lemon juice. =)

Different ice as this water is made from Pepsi H2 OH with little lemons! Sword So it doesn't fall even with 20 LOL.

Happy face you drink 10 stay

It smells a little bit but you can hide it differently because it is soft.

I like spirits

Ice Bebida

Ice Bebida

1 is not that 10 is drunk, hanging on the person. It is difficult to get drunk with S because the theory of alcohol mt mt mt is small. Less than beer man failed by MT, I'm afraid to drink to get the ultimate ice cream. But I have never seen NGN drunk with ice cream.

2 Soda Flavor Items, Equalzine, Nor Set Your Wine Taste.

Ice Bebida