Definition of Ibid:

  1. Editorial device used in citations and references to indicate the last work cited, thus avoiding repetition of the authors name and title. Abbreviated form of the Latin ibidem, in the same place.

  2. In the same source (used to save space in textual references to a quoted work which has been mentioned in a previous reference).

How to use Ibid in a sentence?

  1. (ibid. p. 57).
  2. If you are trying to find a specific piece of work you can try searching for its ibid and that should lead you to it.
  3. My language teacher told me we would have to facilitate an IBID in our paper, which was bad news to me, because I disliked them.
  4. If you are good enough to write a piece that ends up getting cited an ibid will be used so people can locate your work.

Meaning of Ibid & Ibid Definition