I7 2630qm

I7 2630qm

i7 processor 2630m² Silk Generation; or  2. Weak for games with 2.00 GHz? ۔

Or note that the TB has 8GB of memory and 750 HD .. and some bi-Intel Graphics 3000 Can you tell me if it will rotate less hair Crisis 2? In order; or minimum, medium or maximum?

Oh dear, who can play YouTube Crisis 2 on Intel Graphics 3000.

Take a look at it, for example:

Wheel Plus not because of the processor, but because of the lack of a dedicated graphics card.

The same goes for the Core i7 desktop processor, which is so powerful that it can't run AI Notebook Crisis 2.

Games that you want to avoid first because you have a good graphics card to distinguish yourself from a desktop graphics card. Just buy a graphics card and don't remove the notebook - how to install the devices.

I7 2630qm