I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

I want to join the Marines, but am I afraid? 3

Ok i'm 18 and i'm graduating i'm very friendly and i like to do crazy things I never wanted to go on September 11th, but I'm too old now. I'm in good shape, I play football and I fought in high school so it didn't bother me. I don't know if I'm just afraid to get out of my comfort zone or something. Iraq is not a problem for me nor is it fundamental, I think my biggest fear is not knowing what is going to happen and I am afraid to find the flaws that I have not seen in four years. Gotta (just a great deal) but I really wanted to do it to show myself, my family and my friends that I can do it and I respect myself. I also feel that it gives me a lot of confidence and helps me in life. I want to serve and help my country !! My guess is that all I need to know is that this is normal, everyone doubts at times, I mean is this a sign that I shouldn't go or is this normal?

Absolutely normal. This is called fear of the unknown. Joining the army was a life-changing event. Are you ready or not Peek inside If you really want to do this, do it. Soldiers will be what you make them. Enter with an open mind. Know what you are learning. You will not be alone in this. All the recruits in your squad will be in the same situation as you. If you follow the preconceived notions of what you think of the military and feel that this is not what you expected, you may find yourself in a difficult position. I enjoyed my stay at USMC. You will be able to go to places and do things that ordinary people cannot do. I went to climb G, in one. He was on a small aircraft carrier at sea during Typhoon and was constantly shaking for 36 hours. I've been to some of the best places and I've been paid to do them all. I spent time in the Arctic, tropics and deserts. You are young Go out and find life. Do things that you will always remember and enjoy. The first time we did this we were all terrified, but it quickly disappeared. If that's what you want to do, do it. You will not be disappointed.

Fear is natural and it is a good idea to blend in with yourself. It is important that you deal with this fear. Research the ocean and marine life as much as possible and carefully consider which association is right for you. Writing down your strengths or making a list of pros and cons can be helpful. Talk to recruiters and family members, but be able to separate your safety concerns from real advice. If you are not a KIA, joining does not mean that you cannot get married or start a family. If you have a plan or a planned life, worry, this topic is contradictory. If I didn't want you to join the Marines, you wouldn't. If so, you will. I do, but I don't think he commands our lives. Therefore, I advise you to wait for your studies to be completed, as you are already there.

You look like most members. Surely you will be disturbed and frightened by the unknown. Are you human All you need to know is that this is the desire in your heart and it will happen. Always go 100% and no matter what happens, you will know that you have not stopped. Boat camp can be changed, but if it were that easy wouldn't you want to be a Marine? no!!! If so, would you like to join the Boy Scouts? You have to work hard all the time and always stay ahead! You are ready and you have to go. Do you want to force it? Thank you for everything you have. Talk to recruiters now and see your options. Write down what you really want to do.

I now! Remember that nothing in life is free. each one!

"Some people wonder all their lives if it makes a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.

Well if you are afraid of not being able to be a seafarer ... don't talk too much or do nothing, it takes a lot to be a little one, a pride, a seafarer ... that's why so many People can't become - if a marine (El ■■■■■ de Spare). Brother, I think after the training camp where they don't train or train the Navy, you will be fine, you were born in the Navy. If you have a family and you want to be safe, join the Air Force or Navy (I'm at the Naval Academy to become a Navy or Navy Fighter Pilot, or maybe a Navy SEAL). I'm just saying why they think marines pass through airports or go to places where people come to shake hands. Because these five men and women are fighting for freedom and fighting for freedom. These are some of the proudest sailors out there. They know that whenever they wear these uniforms, they are making a difference in the world and in their country. Well, on your mission to become a proud sailor. If you join the Marine Corps or Navy, I will be your officer to guide you through the issues. ORAH! Go to the navy, win the army! And all this! High!

It's normal to feel uncomfortable entering a new and different way of life that you were introduced to. If you want to prove to yourself that you can handle it, then go ahead.

If you do it to show kindness to others, including your family, you will forget it. Marines do not need or want to be involved in showing kindness to others.

Help serve your country and be a man and a sea.

Accepting them is a big thing that very few people realize.

Abdominal erf is normal and healthy.

That means you are thinking clearly.

Take your time, think, talk to Navy recruiters.

My nephew is in the Navy and it has been drafted. After 4 years, they sent him to college through NROTC. Today he is a First Lieutenant in the Naval Air Force.

And I like it.

Joining the Marines is definitely a sacrifice and you must remember why you sacrificed. Audi may have decided to join the cover, but you and most people will say it's the hardest experience you've ever had, but it's worth it. There will be times in your body when you want to quit smoking and think about whether it is worth it. But the sacrifices you make are nothing compared to what you trade for them. No fear. Based on what you said about your application and why you signed up, you should be fine. :)

I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

It would be a good idea to talk to recruiters. They can tell you what to expect and if it works and what to do, from there you can decide if it is right for you. This is completely normal, my friend recently decided to join and I support it. I'm sure he was nervous and said he missed me, his family and friends, but it was a good decision for him. You talked to a recruiter several times and he said yes. They are very useful.

The army did not waste time. You will have honor, no one and a life full of memories. Also, it looks great on job and college applications. Discover that you love the military and will work for them. I have Rangers in my army and I will stay, but it is a lot of work.

I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared

The change is terrible. I'll talk to a recruiter, ask them for an answer to your question, and then think about it. It's not like joining a club or anything. This is a changed life. I now

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I Wanna Join The Military But I M Scared