I Sold My Car But The Buyer Never Registered It

I Sold My Car But The Buyer Never Registered It

I sold my car and the buyer never registered in his name. What are my rights?

If you have sold a car and gone on to sign a legitimate sale agreement for a new ore, you are not responsible for anything that happens or what the new ore does.

It seems that Texas offers you the option to keep your car's license plate ($ 5 transfer fee) or leave it in the car. If you have decided to keep the license plate and move it to your new car, the new supplier is responsible for obtaining a new license plate. If you let them in the car, the new seller will also have to transfer it on your behalf. You must have all copies of the insurance certificate issued by the car and although the police can arrest anyone who is driving, you have to show the police proof of purchase and they must be satisfied that you are responsible. Are not. Party for this car.

I'm also adding a link to the TTX DOT to read the sales, transfer / file registration section, just to make sure you have everything legally required and comfortable.

http://www.dot.state.tx.us/fre frequently_ asked_questi ...

I'm not sure about its condition, but you can be held responsible for anything related to the car if you do not collect the rebate after selling the car. You will better check with the DMV and find out if it applies to Texas as well. If so, please provide documentation.

As long as you have signed the document and entered the date, it is your responsibility to do the rest. Depending on the state in which you live, it is often expensive to study and transfer records. I'm sure he'll be with you soon. Here in Illinois it costs $ 300.00 and for that you can get a lot of money.

I Sold My Car But The Buyer Never Registered It

I Sold My Car But The Buyer Never Registered It

What you are saying is that the person you bought it from never paid for it on your behalf. It is possible to follow the name of the person whose name is listed and then to ask them to write a certified letter stating that they were wrong or that there was a wrong deal and that they will give you someone else Selling instead of selling. If this is not possible, you can request a file from the person from whom you purchased (signed) the file. When the file arrives, sign it yourself and ask. That means you'll have to pay two pounds (+ 75 each in MA + sales tax), but it certainly will.

One form may be that you need to tell your DMV that the car has been sold. You will also need to remove the license plate from the car.

You can't stop.

Go to your DMV, put your name on the car and license plate. In Texas, your LED has a form that you sign and submit for a fee to confirm that the car has been sold.

You will estimate any fees charged to the buyer, but you will not be penalized if your license plate is not on the vehicle at the time of arrest or non-appearance, or if the vehicle is speeding.

Pick up your plate. If you do not, contact your local police or sheriff and explain the situation. Let them know you need a label or they'll report it when it is stolen. Once you have the labels, the rest is up to them. Call him now and face the consequences if he doesn't give you the plate.

It has no rights or resources, but it has no responsibilities. After the date of sale, all obligations, except for minors, expire.

You have to remove your board and when you have signed all the papers, you don't have to worry anymore, you can call dmv

I Sold My Car But The Buyer Never Registered It