I M Starving Please Help

I M Starving Please Help

Please help me, I'm hungry !? 3


I went on vacation recently and now I can't pay rent and my dog ​​hasn't eaten for days and I don't go out every day and I get what I can get and a neighbor can give us ۔ my neighbor. And I can't work because my back hurts and I can't get up because it hurts.

Help! Thank you very much!


Friends, if I'm sorry for myself, I'm just eating to see where I can get free food! I really am not

Work in a fast food restaurant looking for another job. I apologize for the inconvenience. Everything got better.

I M Starving Please Help

I M Starving Please Help

Have you tried the emergency cooking program or maybe the canned soup?

When I went without food for a week, I had to go to one because my mother had run out of money this week due to debt and I was going to pay. When the meal was over (because there wasn't much for a family of four), I had to wait for the next exam because my mother was disabled.

So I asked my close friend and he gave me food all day and I am not more capable than I have ever been in my life. But if anything, just do as much as you can for your dog, and try to be a little more sympathetic to your ger. Try to order food once a week if it is too big.

Fortunately, there is a great program for low-income people in the United States: SNAP (formerly known as the Food Stamp). If you don't have a well-paying job and you can't find one, and you earn less than your mom needs on SNAP, you may be eligible to spend up to 300 on SNAP. Are Alcohol or tobacco is allowed, not one person. You need it)

A very useful program that many members of my family follow (not in use). I'm sure you'll participate if you sign up.

Ask for food coupons

Take your dog to a shelter so he can be fed. I know you want to keep it, but don't be selfish. It's edible even if you can't.

If you are financially well off, you can re-adopt your dog if you have not found me in the shelter.

You may want to consider hiring a roommate to help pay the fee and apply for disqualification if you fail.

I M Starving Please Help

I M Starving Please Help

Go to the soup pot. It will benefit you. Try to find a job, even in a fast food restaurant or department store. Progress slowly.

I now.

Go to the local church, sometimes they offer free meals.

Even if you get a job.

Sorry, I will pray for you !!!! Do you have a shared table? If not, ask a friend if he or she can take you to any of them for dinner or soup. Good and blessed

First of all, if you can't afford food or rent, why do you have a computer to post this answer?

Second, I'm glad you said you wouldn't eat your dog.

Third, sell your computer.

Fourth, if you can't do that, steal groceries from the store.

I M Starving Please Help

I M Starving Please Help

Just search and ■■■■ will meet your needs.

I M Starving Please Help