I M Sorry In Japanese

I M Sorry In Japanese

Do you think I love you and feel sorry for Anis? 3

OK if you read ■■■■ 1.

Russell's answer is good and somewhat formal / polite. If you want to be more informal, give it a try.


gomen ne, daisuki me


 "à £ Â' £ Â'Â" Âà £ â € ›£  Â, ‹ £ TO

my gomen ne aieiru

Or if you're really sorry, you can add nti ni (very, very)

 »Ã  £"   £ A AA "£ Â"  £  " ££ Â

No Gomin no,

I'm really ashamed ..

From 19, you can apologize.

Moshi woke up Erimason [sorry]. ntou ni anata no koto ga suki desu yo [I really love you!]


Aie imasu, nasai gomen

aie imasu, gomennasai (according to Google)

I M Sorry In Japanese