I Love Your Face Meaning

I Love Your Face Meaning

What does it mean when a man says love his face?

Well said peace girl heart your face !!!!!! You have my picture at the end of the Facebook conversation. I haven't seen him since primary school nine years ago. Does he think I'm cute ??? He offered to see me in 3 months and said he could not wait to see me. I had to go and I said goodbye to Jason :) :) and left some there. But when I try to talk to him and he's on Facebook, he ignores me completely ... weird. I just want to keep him friendly if he still wants to see me. What happens here if I work ... does he love me?


Hahaha bad part

Loving your face is another way to say that they think you are funny, and that you, or they really like your face. Nothing more complicated than that, right?

This means don't paint your face with makeup like a veil and stop complaining about your appearance because you are beautiful.

It's like stumbling on Sch, or it should be a fun way to say your face is beautiful.

He just wants to rub his face until he falls.


It has nothing to do with your face.

To say that I like your face is almost to say that I am happy to see you or that I love you.

I Love Your Face Meaning