I Love You Too In Korean

I Love You Too In Korean

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? 3

Well, as others have said, I love you Sara'ˆ "žÂ' • Â'ÚÂ" (Saranghaeyo).

I love you too

For more details, see Â'ˆ "ž 'or Sarang Love.  • Â'ÚÂ" or Hi. "Either I or a lot: D

You can remove the "I" if you wish, depending on how you want to express it. "I" should be more polite because language has a status system. You can be polite and add polished shapes or just use simple shapes.

p which helps. 3

I love you casually, educated sir.

The answer is yes! I just mean I love you too, you can just say or.

I know i love you sir

But no i love you too

All i know is that i love you too [spelling mistake]


I Love You Too In Korean