I Love You In Arabic

I Love You In Arabic

How do you tell your child that I love you in the arch? ۔

Mother to child

To update

Can you write in arch?

Thank you very much. Sorry, I know I mean to talk, but I intend to write. Excuse me

My son i love you The first one on the right says my son, which can also mean my son. The one on the left literally says I love you my son. Obak Abni = left. Oh Walidy = true. Both are related to my son, but Abni has a strong meaning. Because Waleed is my son, what does my dear mean and can tell everyone. While Abni literally means my son is gone. Inspiration, your translation is daughter, not son. The answers are always helpful.

CSR Wheat translation shows that love and charity are synonymous. The present example is in the chapter on 1 Corinthians. 13 out of a million 17 reduced many conditions. I would like a student to understand the language used to clarify their understanding of the situation. Humanitarian history is still international, Gilbert Herald Ewing II (I) is an explanation at the end of this question. The act of grace or charity mentioned in the informational interview raises this question and I must have given up one of these ways to improve the concept of real spending.

Anna Bahaba


uhibuka waaladi

Wow great question !!

ŒØªà ŒØªà ŒØªà Œ ÂŒ   ©.

That means I love you son.

I Love You In Arabic