I Left My Phone On The School Bus

I Left My Phone On The School Bus

I left my ■■■■ on the school bus ?! Help ?? 3

Well, this afternoon on the bus I had a PIN for pictures on the way, but when I got to the bus stop I got off and just remembered that I forgot my PIN but it was too late, bus driver Gone. .. must do. It turns out that bus drivers usually change at noon like buses, but in the morning I have the same driver as in the morning, so I don't know what to do. The police?

First, talk to the driver or bus company and ask if they have your plane. Otherwise, go to the company bus to check the items received. If you are still missing, contact your supervisor / counselor and ask others on the bus if they have seen your child. If nothing else works, contact the police and emergency device provider and try to claim your device.

Matthew Taylor

Senior Editor Ysi

If the bus driver finds you, they will pick you up at the lost and found office at the bus station. Call him and ask

If someone else found it, they would have given it to the driver or kept it for him.

If you have an IPNE, you can go online and map the location, that's for Samsung. If not, call the bus service and ask them to check the bus.

I Left My Phone On The School Bus