I Have 2 W2 From Same Employer

I Have 2 W2 From Same Employer

Why do I have 2 different W2 forms from the same company? 3

The same employer sent me 2 W2 forms, which are basically the same except for the local tax field. One says LEXINGTONFAYETTE and local income tax is 300, and the other says FAYETTE COUNTY and local income tax is only $ 80. I paid my taxes, should I declare both?


In fact, it happened to my employer, just like last year, so there is no improvement or change in the state of care.

A corrected W2.

Check the EIN and if the numbers are different you will need to submit both.

If it's W2C, skip it.

If not, call the payroll department and ask.

I suspect this is W2C (W2 corrected) because the employer's W2 information was not prior to 02/28. It is necessary to file with the state / federal government and the company costs money to provide W2Cs to the federal government. Therefore, most companies will only offer the new (revised) W2 on W2C by the end of February.

Here are other options:

The company changes hands throughout the year.

The company changes its tax status throughout the year (for example: moving from SARL to a corporation or changing the SARL structure).

If you are a large company, you may have changed the structure of EIN. However, this is usually done at the beginning of the year (but can happen at any time). I have a client that changes every year. I don't understand the effects of taxes, but they have experienced tax advisors who understand. Some years have 11 EINs (tax identification number), sometimes 7, sometimes 10 etc.).

I Have 2 W2 From Same Employer

I Have 2 W2 From Same Employer

The second copy is the one that should be kept in your local eny (Lexington Fayette). The bottom of W2 indicates which player should receive which part of W2. The copy should include a copy of the employee, which should be kept in your file. This answer also applies to New York City employees who live in one of New York City's five boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx).

Check above to see if this is correct. Anyone can be wrong with W2. I will go to the employers because when you give the details you want to know how much it will cost. Probably because they manage to do business in both districts and do not bring everyone together. Have you worked in many places? Does the size of the paycheck seem sufficient if you use only one, or do you deserve it if both come? All of these questions need to be answered, preferably through your employer or contractor, to determine whether to use both.

See the EIN number of the employer, is it the same? It is possible that these companies change hands throughout the year and each has a different EIN number, so you have two different W2s.

You are not really affected by local taxes because they are non-refundable.

I Have 2 W2 From Same Employer