I Drew A Picture

I Drew A Picture

Was a word drawn? How do I make this picture, okay? Do I know of any online resources I can consult? ۔

Draw / drà ”/ unciation Sw Unciation spell [Draw] unciation Key Sw IPA onciation verb, draw, dra, drawing, noun

Verb (used with an object) 1. To move in a certain direction by means of brakes or as a pulling force (often pulling, walking, turning on, off or off).

2. Transport by container or source, drawing or cutting: drawing water from a well.

3. Take it with you or for example. B. Attracts with natural power or effect: Concerts attract great aunts.

4. Draw (a person or people) on a line or border with words: Draw a charcoal vase to draw a comic character with the letter.

Etc ...

I Drew A Picture