I Don T Want My Dog Anymore

I Don T Want My Dog Anymore

I don't love my dog ​​anymore what should i do 3

My dog ​​was very cute and cute when I first got him and now he is a baby. I have 2 dogs and the old one is the best treatment. This is the dog I hate. He is everywhere, no matter what he does. When I took the treatment with my own hand, it felt ■■■■■■■ my fingers. It was his food so he ate it. This is a big problem. I don't have time to fix it and I definitely don't want dogs.

I want to leave it in human society, but I don't want to go in and say my name. I think I should go upstairs and tie it to a tree. Someone will find it the next morning. I need to have a good history with human societies so I can try out a different dog this summer! What can I do about this dog's pain?!?!


You know it's really bad. If you want the best answer, it has to be a little better.

I don't know what to do ... because you blamed me in human society. Maybe I'll leave them on the road ... hahaha jk

which one ?? I don't kill dogs and I don't kill. Just because I don't want a dog to turn me into a cruel, bad person?

Madam, I don't mean to be rude, but do you really want a dog? All the behavior he describes is normal for a dog. Having and throwing a dog, being a pet parent is just one part of it. Tying them to a tree was inhumane and we knew we would be looking for them. There are people who are very sick. When you have a dog as a child, you can't say: Oh, it's not cute anymore, so I thought I'd get better. You have to take the animal in all its ugliness. As far as lack of time for treatment is concerned, it is not like surgery. Main URL to take you to the doctor. If you have less time, you definitely don't have time for a new dog this summer. My suggestion is to take the dog to the Human Society building during working hours and take the fish instead.

I will try to answer your question without losing patience, which is why when you first posted yes I did not answer.

First, complain about your dog's discomfort. You did not say how old the dog was or how old you were. Dogs learn through repetition and positive reinforcement. You said you tried to do everything, but you did not say if you tried to bring the dog to school.

Also, you can't expect your other two dogs to teach the dog how to do it. This is your responsibility and you are alone. If your dog misbehaves, it's not your fault. It's up to you to let it go.

So you say you want to bring them back into human society and I totally agree that you say it would be better for the dog. However, he refused to give his name and was tied to a tree. It's not just an act, it's cruel. It's mid-winter, unless you're in a hot climate. In any case, the human society knows who this dog goes to when you go in or leave it. Humanitarian companies have such a good record that your dog is likely to have a microchip or tattoo and they will know that you have adopted it, even if you have someone to carry it.

The best thing you can do is build a nest and bring young people back into human society and be real. Your files with Human Society will be tagged if you deliberately leave or lose them.

Please do everything for the dog. Take it off, but don't tie it to a tree. . He deserves a chance and I am with someone who loves him and takes the time and effort to train him.

I Don T Want My Dog Anymore


I Don T Want My Dog Anymore

Where can I find out? Can you call your pet a little? which one. How old are you to act like a spoiled 9-year-old who failed?

You should not have pets or children. The reason you are human. You love it !! If anything, it's your fault. If you do, you haven't been around long enough. If he examines your finger, you have not taught him not to work with ...

Give it a try this summer. Oh no. I will send a copy to my humanitarian company for distribution in all offices. Tie it to a tree, that's all you have.

I don't think I'm going to stop there, so it's time to get professional help. You don't play all decks. Please, if you are nervous, get up and get off your computer.

Why would you want another pet if you can't handle it? Having a pet is now something that will last a lifetime, I will try in 6 months.

I'm sorry if you think we're bad, whatever you say, you don't care because in your words you hate this little girl ...

I don't really care about the best answers, they don't mean anything to me, but I have saved animals and I can't stand people who want animals because they are cute and they don't. They have a few months when they want.

The government will need to complete a six-month internship with new pet owners that will allow them to keep any pet. Some people may take it more seriously.

You say why it's so bad just because you don't want a dog again. Or ... you either, if you take care of yourself, you can't throw it away when you're done. Why not collect bells? Plates, flowers, flower baskets, nothing has a heartbeat. If you do not want to place a free ad in the newspaper ... add free online to Cliffide.

Our shelters use fleas on dogs to track them down if they get lost or leveled. I really think you have a chip so they can come and ask why you left this thing.

!! Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ........... Of all the questions I've seen on this forum, this one really does take a cake. And you don't even understand why people criticize you? Are you mentally ill This is a puppy !! That's what dogs do. Any behavior problems other than normal dog problems are your fault, not the dog's.

Of course, this has nothing to do with dogs - take your dog and your two dogs to the Human Society as soon as possible. Having enough character, restraining yourself, getting rid of them by tying them to trees in complete boredom instead of telling them * lies * (really?) Find a cure immediately after leaving your pet, because you have a clear idea. Needs help (is this a human being?) And never, never, never another animal. Maybe someone tied him to a tree or left him somewhere on the road. Sick, sick, sick.

Maybe you should tighten it up a bit because you got it in the first place and I think it's ridiculous to think of tying you to a tree because human society should have a good track record this summer. ۔ Testing other dogs might seem like learning what it is, and we can all believe that human society realizes that you will no longer have pets.

Next ...

I'm sure you don't intend to be one anytime soon. * Shiver *

Your dog will probably spend the whole day with his friends instead of being taught to be a dog. To quote his words or ... he is trying very hard. No, because (something) (and I don't really know) I don't try for any dog ​​other than love and admiration and I have amazing dogs. A little effort to support other creatures, you have a lot of responsibilities. Sorry, no, I don't think you're sorry for us here.

Personally, I don't think you can have a pet if you treat it and react to it, and you definitely shouldn't try it this summer. Do you have a good record with it?!?!?! If you have a good representative now, then your position is not fulfilling its role. You can leave the dog anonymous and you really need to find a new place for it, because it will not get you what it needs, but tie it to a tree or anywhere, And it will need to be used. Costs. It is important to inform your location about the number of animals.

I Don T Want My Dog Anymore

I Don T Want My Dog Anymore

Now that I'm vomiting after reading your question, I have one for you. Why do you still have a dog? Because he's so cute and cute, right? Don't you know that it is more than just a dog? Animals are not hard to find, you get animals for animal life. You have to be able to make a commitment to raise a dog. Now this ■■■■■ had to suffer because you didn't teach yourself how to raise a dog, and decided to keep it for yourself instead of going into the magic that loves me. Don't you realize that the case is safe? Have you ever seen a small cage where you have to stand outside until it opens? There is little or no interaction between you, which is released through the WALL Dagon Sprinkler system provided by Slide in Kennel. You don't even get personal attention when it comes to food. Do you really think he deserves it? Also, you did not understand the financial responsibility of having a pet and now you have to risk your health. That's why I really believe with all my heart that all pets should be tested. Don't buy another dog. You will probably pay only when you are bored. You should have raised her better, it's all your fault, no dogs!

As a 10 year veteran of human society work ... I can tell you that you are not the only person who will leave your dog when you do not want to. You are not special Take the creature to the shelter and leave it as REL, don't leave it like the misguided. Give the dog at least a chance, okay? And don't take another dog. Apparently, he didn't think he was alive. You are a disposable item in their eyes. Give the animals time ... leave them alone.

Tie it to a tree, it'll be fine. When you are on it, tie your other dog to the tree, because I think he is too stupid and selfish for any dog. Don't look for another dog this summer, because your selfishness will surely ruin the other dog.

I Don T Want My Dog Anymore