I Digress Meaning

I Digress Meaning

What did i do wrong

This means that they deviate from the spoken topic.


Function: Leave the main title for a while or in writing.

The man works all the time at his behest, but the music that musicians love. When someone says I'm moving, they're moving.

Deviating from the topic. So, let's say you say, that person says that if Mike Oldfield is their favorite musician, he talks to them to buy his music, then they move away from the talking place, maybe their favorite musician. who is?

In your case, that means the speaker is changing the subject. If he says I'm wandering, he wants to get back to the point of the speech.

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Wandering means moving away from or away from the main subject or purpose of speaking or writing, away from the main plot of plot, plot, study, etc.

So if you say I lost my focus, I apologize for being off topic and say you're back on topic.

Deviating or deviating from the main topic or purpose while speaking or writing, i.e. from the main plot, plot, study, etc.

2. Reject the old.


1. Scale, scale. See redirects.

I Digress Meaning

I Digress Meaning

1) Deviating from the main title in writing or writing

2. Start on the main road or in your direction

I Digress Meaning