I Can Feel You All Around Me

I Can Feel You All Around Me

The paramour song that says I can feel you around me? ۔

Or rather, isn't it darker and looks a little happier? Sorry, last time I heard about it on Raido. It's not hard for me to understand what I'm saying, but it would be great if someone did!

To update

Haha ok thanks for the cover

I think so

I was in the car with friends and they were like my parents.

Hahaha thanks everyone !!!

Fly Leafs All Ride is the song you're talking about.

It's not a paramour, it's a cover, and it's a song that is screaming around me.

This is a cover song :)

Yes, this is the cover

If I can feel you around, this is the cover:]

I like it, thanks: D, got it here.

I Can Feel You All Around Me