I Am 14 And I Want A Baby

I Am 14 And I Want A Baby

Is it normal to have a baby at the age of 14? 3

I know I'm too young and I have to wait until I grow up, but I just want a mother and I want a baby. I was always mature in terms of my age and I had formed bonds with older men. I don't understand why I want a baby, ■■■■■. I'm still the same sometimes when I think I'm 16 and I'm pregnant, or when I see another teenage girl in my town who's pregnant, I wish I was pregnant too And be curious about yourself. idk I just want to know if this is normal and only my roman?


By the way, I'm not going to answer that, I just want to know if it's normal. So people think it's me, please calm down.

It's okay to be curious, but it's not uncommon to follow that curiosity! A 14-year-old should not actively try to conceive. He is irresponsible with the child (first and foremost) and he is selfish. So I'm not trying to be flawed ... Nest :) At 14 you still can't take care of yourself and give birth to a baby that needs constant attention, 24 You are not easy! !! I am 33 years old and pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are excited and we can't be happier, but even I'm nervous about my new responsibilities! It's great to be a mom !!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I sometimes see this 16 year old pregnant woman and she scares us ... you sweat too !!! I'm so glad I'm not 16 and pregnant! I'm sorry for the family (we're pregnant) who have to deal with that too. Like I said, it's kind of selfish.

I feel the same way, I don't remember the time when I didn't want to be a mother. But you have to wait. You are not finished at the age of 14, and this is not what you want and when your child needs it. Find a child or job that allows you to spend a lot of time with children. Baes was born, but it is hard work and there is so much to do, watch, learn and enjoy as you dedicate your life to raising a child. And remember, people turn into teen punk and stale real hurry!

I've been there and I think it's a natural feeling. I'm never tough, that's not a good idea. Raising a child is not easy, I have a child (4 years old) and I still travel a lot. I waited until I was 19 and dropped out of school to get my first and sometimes it's hard. I went back to school, but then I had to leave university. To fill the gap, I took care of children your age, my cousins, and at the age of 16 I started caring for children outside the family. You will want more, believe me. At your age, it's nice to be with them and play with them for a while, but in the end I'm glad they're not mine. I had a cousin whose son was 15 years old and I saw him fighting, yes it may seem superficial, but behind closed doors it's a lot of work. So give it a try, but please don't give in to this natural urge right now, it's your money.

Believe me, these 16 year old girls are in trouble right now, they don't have it when they want to have a baby. Every girl wants to be a mother one day, but now it's time to make her first life. First get up, study, find a job, then find the man of your dreams and then have a serious relationship. Don't waste your life thinking about it right now. You will ruin it. And older men are good because they can understand us teenagers, but listen man don't think about it now, just do well in high school, college, even if it's only 2 years of college, do a good job and then get married. , You have 10 concerns. And live your life. You will be sad to see that everyone says the same thing. Please listen, we want better than you.

Normal? I do not know. But the truth is that you are not ready for your age. Mentally and emotionally as well. Only physically. Newborns are very useful. And so it is for the next 18 years. After your baby is born, your life as you know it is over. Because the only thing that matters is the baby. Pick up the puppies. Stop 16 watts and speaker. Tse girls are not happy.

I think that's normal. I was 16 when I wanted a baby and I've been wanting one ever since, but I've been waiting to see if I'm ready and the right baby. Dear, I helped

I Am 14 And I Want A Baby

I Am 14 And I Want A Baby

No, it's not normal, but now. Unfortunately, it is not good for a young person to get pregnant. These girls may not look shy, but they are. Many of my friends are pregnant and embarrassed. Getting pregnant as a teenager is not funny, especially if you are 14 years old. You can see it in their eyes and I can understand why I want something, but you shouldn't, because you are so used to seeing that you think it is visible, but it is not. do not have. And it's just one step away from you. It's a big responsibility and it's going to ruin your life because that's what happened to my friends. And I think you should stay because it makes you stronger and more mature as a woman. Please do not please this man and you will surely get a blessing which will be beneficial for him.

Girl, I am 19 years old and I want to be a mother from the age of 12 and when I finally got pregnant, incidentally, I could not pay, I worked and I managed to have another child. Done. But that's perfectly normal, I still have a strong desire to be a mother, but I know I can't even stabilize myself.

I Am 14 And I Want A Baby