Definition of Hydrocarbon:

  1. A compound of hydrogen and carbon, such as any of those which are the chief components of petroleum and natural gas.

  2. A hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Hydrocarbons are naturally-occurring compounds and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important energy sources.

  3. Hydrocarbons are highly combustible and produce carbon dioxide, water, and heat when they are burned. Therefore, hydrocarbons are highly effective as a source of fuel.

  4. Organic compound (such as benzene, methane, paraffins) made of two elements carbon and hydrogen and found in coal, crude oil, natural gas, and plant life. Hydrocarbons are used as fuels, solvents, and as raw materials for numerous products such as dyes, pesticides, and plastics; petroleum is a mixture of several hydrocarbons. Emission of gases resulting from combustion of hydrocarbons (in auto engines and industrial plants) is a major cause of air pollution and global warming.

How to use Hydrocarbon in a sentence?

  1. A variety of complex technologies and techniques have been developed for extracting hydrocarbons from deep within the earth.
  2. Chemistry class was long and boring, for the most part, until we started to learn about what a hydrocarbon was.
  3. One element often found in fuels is hydrocarbon and it is one of the key components that helps make the world work.
  4. Industrial buildings will likely use hydrocarbon in some way to give a lot of energy to some of their more powerful machinery.
  5. Because of the serious environmental cost of using hydrocarbons as a primary source of energy, it is likely that in the years and decades ahead, the movement away from hydrocarbons and toward alternative energy sources such as solar, nuclear, wind, and geothermal power will increase exponentially.
  6. The rain is rich in benzene and hydrocarbons.
  7. Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds that are utilized as the basis of the vast majority of global energy production.

Meaning of Hydrocarbon & Hydrocarbon Definition