Definition of Hydraulic:

  1. The mechanism is activated, controlled or activated by fluid pressure. In contrast, pneumatic devices use air or gas pressure. See also hydraulic.

  2. It refers to a liquid, a liquid that comes under pressure in a confined space.

  3. In terms of hydraulics.

  4. (Cement) hardens under water.

How to use Hydraulic in a sentence?

  1. If you see cracks in the walls, some of them can be repaired by injecting hydraulic cement or cracks.
  2. Hydraulic analysis of water flow.
  3. The hydraulic lift is an impressive demonstration of the latest technology that we can use to succeed in our business trips.
  4. To match chemicals properly during a chemical process. We need to make sure that we add enough hydraulic acid to the mixture.
  5. When working in an industrial environment, make sure your employees know how to use all hydraulic functions at their disposal.
  6. Hydraulic fluid

Meaning of Hydraulic & Hydraulic Definition

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