Hybrid Storage Gateway Appliance

Hybrid Storage Gateway Appliance

Hybrid storage is a physical or virtual caching system that migrates local or on-premises data storage to the cloud instead of primary disks. In all other cases it behaves like a storage system. The term "hybrid" describes the fact that a device combines local storage with cloud storage, usually public cloud storage, that is geographically distant from the device. From a data flow perspective, it is an in-band storage device or destination that captures all input/output (I/O) to and from a virtual volume or file system. From a storage perspective, it uses advanced cache management algorithms to minimize data flow in and out of the cloud while executing as much I/O as possible from local storage. Data is compressed or deduplicated within the device to increase effective caching capacity, and when data is transferred to or from the cloud, WAN Optimized Controller (WOC) techniques are often used to reduce the impact of link latency on performance degradation.

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Meanings of Hybrid:
  1. The offspring obtained as a result of crossing different objects, ie. two different species or two pure parent strains.

  2. Something that is often of mixed origin or composition, a tool or technology that combines the advantages of previously separate tools or technologies.

  3. It consists of several hybrid components.


Meanings of Storage:
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  3. (usually uncountable) Any computing device, including a hard drive, that stores data longer than RAM.

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Sentences of Storage
  1. There is plenty of storage space in the attic.

  2. I recommend backing up these files to memory before reinstalling the OS.


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cure, application, remedy, compliance, medicine

Hybrid Storage Gateway Appliance