Hybrid Derivative

Hybrid Derivative,

Hybrid Derivative: What is the Meaning of Hybrid Derivative?

  1. Financial resources that feature more than one type of device, d. H exchanges more options.

Literal Meanings of Hybrid Derivative


Meanings of Hybrid:
  1. Descendants of two plants or animals of different plants or species, such as mules (a cross between a donkey and a horse)

  2. Something was created by combining two different elements into one mixture.

  3. Mixed letters, made up of mixed pieces.

Sentences of Hybrid
  1. A cross between wheat and rye

  2. The final text is a mixture of work and film

  3. Mexican hybrid culture after the victory

Synonyms of Hybrid

amalgam, amalgamation, mixed-breed, union, blend, fusion, cross, brew, compound, mingling, composition, cross-breed, coalition, hybrid, mixture, alloy, merger, combination, concoction


Meanings of Derivative:
  1. Based on something else

  2. (Usually an artist or work of art) that mimics the work of others and is therefore not generally appreciated.

Sentences of Derivative
  1. Dedicated to this system, the Marine Corps V22 Tail Router was selected for the aircraft.

  2. An artist who is not in the past at all

Synonyms of Derivative

imitative, uninventive, non-innovative, subsidiary product, by-product, uninspired, unoriginal, unimaginative, spin-off, offshoot