Definition of HVAC:

  1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

  2. This means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This system is used to heat and cool buildings. The HVAC system has become the industry standard required for the construction of new buildings. Before these systems were created, these three elements were usually spread across three or more devices.

How to use HVAC in a sentence?

  1. Economically, however, Mr. Jenkins suffocated in his office for three weeks. Eventually, he decided to call an HVAC mechanic to fix the building's air conditioning.
  2. When the HVAC unit of the office breaks down and the company cannot find a suitable technician, the employees sweat and are not satisfied.
  3. The HVAC system in our new home is quieter and more efficient than the oil stoves and window air conditioners in our old home.
  4. Planning a HVAC system in a residential project simplifies installation.

Meaning of HVAC & HVAC Definition