Hut Tax

Hut Tax,

Hut Tax:

  • A type of tourism tax applies to citizens' apartments or huts, usually in the early stages of economic development, when it is not possible to collect income tax.

Literal Meanings of Hut Tax


Meanings of Hut:
  1. Small house or ground floor simple shelter.

  2. Provides a cabin.

Sentences of Hut
  1. A beach hut

  2. It would be advisable to rescue soldiers during the winter to protect them.

Synonyms of Hut

hovel, cabin, shack, lean-to, den, shelter, shed, shanty, log cabin


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Mandatory contribution to government revenue that is collected by the government on employee income and company profits or is added to the cost of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Strict restrictions or demands.

  3. Tax collection (on anything else)

  4. Create demand requirements (power or resources)

  5. Facing someone's fault or crime.

  6. Investigation and evaluation (case cost)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  2. Heavy tax on reader's attention

  3. Hardware and software are subject to a 5 7.5 fee

  4. He knew that the next test would force all his strength

  5. Why are you accusing me of this meaningless accusation?

  6. Tax agents

Synonyms of Tax

demand, make demands on, toll, encumbrance, pressure, drain, duty, imposition, stretch, blame, censure, denounce, levy a tax on, accuse, weigh down, demand a tax on, weigh heavily on, burden, tariff, impost, impose a toll on, put a strain on, call to account, charge duty on