Hush Money

Hush Money,

What Does Hush Money Mean?

  • Hush Money can be defined as, Bribes or payments, often illegal, are given to someone to prevent the disclosure of information, usually to prevent bad advertising or to cover up a crime.

Literal Meanings of Hush Money


Meanings of Hush:
  1. Shut up or stop talking.

  2. Stop the nonsense.

Sentences of Hush
  1. He put his finger to his lips to silence them

  2. There was silence in the assembly

Synonyms of Hush

quietness, silence, quietude, noiselessness, shush, quiet, soundlessness


Meanings of Money:
  1. The current means of exchange simultaneously takes the form of coins and banknotes, coins and banknotes.

Synonyms of Money

hard cash, cash, ready money