Hurry In Korean

Hurry In Korean

Did I tell you to hurry in Korean? ۔

I heard ... then the wrong ball ... how do you say it right?

This will be the "¹¨Ã" cartoon. You can use it in one sentence or just o.

Example: You tell someone to come and drag their feet. So you say ¨Ã! (Load!)

Example: "" Â ™! Come quickly! / Hurry up and come!

The other is ose œ œ (eoseo)

Example: Âœ  •! -! (sukje hae! eoseo!) Do your work! hurry up!

But it only happens when you are talking to a friend or someone close to you as a family.

If someone is older than you or someone you don't know, such as a taxi driver, etc., you will use.

Please "ÂœÃ"'˜à " £ ¼ìÂ" ¸ìš "(seodulleo juseyo) please hurry up

“œÓ «« ¤ ¤ Hurry up.

Please £ Please "" Please

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Hurry In Korean