Hunter X Core Reset Button

Hunter X Core Reset Button

How to reset the X-Core controller?

Resetting a Hunter XCore is easy. To reset the irrigation controller, simply press the minus, hand and programmable buttons at the same time, then use a small tool to press the small reset button on the side of the controller. A small screwdriver or pen is enough.

Where’s the Hunter X Core reset button for this?


  1. Hold and press.
  2. Briefly press the RESET button on the right side of the controller.
  3. Wait 2 seconds and release the and buttons. You should now see the screen at 12:00. The entire memory has been cleared and the controller can now be reprogrammed.

How can I reset Hunter’s kernel controller?

Press and hold the program button and press the recessed reset button with the tip of a ballpoint pen. Release the Reset button and hold the Programs button until the Reset Memory screen appears (then release the Programs button).

Simply put, how do you reset sprinkler controls?

Reset the irrigation system?

  1. Turn the rotary switch to the off position.
  2. Press the Advance button to access the memory clear function.
  3. Press and hold the button until the display stops flashing.
  4. Turn the knob to the driving position.
  5. Press and hold the minus arrow and the Prog buttons at the same time.

How is X-Core programmed?

XCore programming start times

  1. Turn the wheel to the START TIME position.
  2. The factory setting is program A. If necessary, program b or C can be selected by pressing the PRG button.
  3. Use plus (+) or minus () to change the start time.
  4. Press the arrow button (>) to add an additional start time or the PRG button for the next program.

Why is my system watering and then rebooting?

A common reason a controller repeats a cycle is because there are too many scheduled start times. When a station has finished its run time, the controller automatically moves to the next station in that program.

Why is my sprinkler system still running?

There are two reasons your sprinklers continue to work: Your faucets may have been turned on manually. It is necessary to locate the valve body (s) and rotate the solenoid valves clockwise until they snap into place. The solenoid valve is located above the valve and looks like a cylinder from which two threads come out.

Why do my sprinklers turn on twice?

A common reason for repeating a schedule is that you’ve set a different start time. The start times determine the exact time the ESPMe timer will start watering and will also determine how many times the timer will water per day. With ESPMe you can set up to 6 start times per program.

What does the absence of air conditioning mean?

The NO AC indicator is a diagnostic message indicating that the controller is no longer receiving AC power. The controller is powered by the backup battery. Check the power source by plugging a lamp or radio into the outlet to make sure the outlet is receiving power.

How often should you water the grass?

How do you test a combat irrigation system?

To start the test program:

How do I reset the Rainbird timer?

How can I clear all programming and reset the Rain Bird ESPMe sprinkler timer to factory settings?

Why don’t buzzards hit me?

The most common reason some sprinklers won’t turn on is because they are clogged. The narrow opening of the nebulizer on a spray head is easily clogged with dirt and debris. With the water supply closed, check the sprinkler heads for functioning and remove any obstructions with a thin, straight tool such as a screwdriver.

Why won’t the sprinkler system turn me off?

After identifying the faulty valve, shut off the main water supply to the sprinkler system. If there is dirt or something in the valve, rinse it gently and reassemble it. Slowly open the water supply and check that the zone has now been correctly switched on and off manually and electrically.

How do I reset the track timer?

How do you turn off a sprinkler head?

Obtain a telephone number and the number of the sprinkler installer. The company will tell you the location of the water valve that controls the irrigation system at home or on the farm. Find the valve and turn it clockwise until the sprinkler system stops.

How to overwinter a Hunter SRC Plus irrigation system?

To start flushing, turn off the flushing system and connect the air compressor hose to the bracket with the compressor valve in the closed position. Activate the drive on the controller which is the highest zone or sprinkler furthest from the compressor.

How can I set the time for the flush sprinkler system?

ProC Enter current date and time

How do I reset the Rainmaster Pro 469?

  1. Turn the knob to the RUN position.
  2. Remove the 9V battery.
  3. Press and hold the buttons and program them at the same time.
  4. Briefly press the reset button on the back of the front panel.
  5. Release all three buttons when you see 12:00 a. Mr. on screen.

How do you manually activate an irrigation system?

How do you manage a combat irrigation system?

XCore Manually Running a Single Hard Drive

How Does Hunter Solar Sync Work?

Hunter X Core Reset Button