Human Equivalent Dose

Human Equivalent Dose,

Human Equivalent Dose:

  1. A food that, when given to humans, has a food-like effect on animals.

Literal Meanings of Human Equivalent Dose


Meanings of Human:
  1. Humans, especially animals against humans or (in science fiction) aliens.

  2. The ratio or character of a person or persons.

Sentences of Human
  1. At least some people realize that they are violating our rights.

  2. Human body

Synonyms of Human

member of the human race, person, personage, mortal, anthropoid, human being


Meanings of Equivalent:
  1. Quantity, quantity, functions, importance, etc. of a person or value.

  2. Equivalent in value, quantity, functions, meaning, etc.

Sentences of Equivalent
  1. French equivalent of the FBI

  2. One unit is equal to a glass of wine

Synonyms of Equivalent

counterpart, complement, analogue, parallel, opposite number, double, match, alternative, twin, equal, identical


Meanings of Dose:
  1. Food (for person or animal)

  2. The amount of medicine or medicines that are being taken or prescribed at any time.

Sentences of Dose
  1. Vitamin received

  2. Take a dose of cough suppressant

Synonyms of Dose

soothe, medicate, cure, quantity, measure, dosage, drench, amount, draught, dose, heal, treat, portion