Human development index (HDI)

Human development index (HDI),

Definition of Human development index (HDI):

  1. Global index utilize to rank the development of countries by examining the achievements of the inhabitants of the country. The index factors in three important elements: standard of living, life expectancy, and literacy level. The index is not 100% accurate in its determinations due to inconsistencies and lack of data in certain parts of the world. The index was established in 1990 by the United Nations.

  2. The Human Development Index (HDI) was established to place emphasis on individuals, more precisely on their opportunities to realize satisfying work and lives. Evaluating a country's potential for individual human development provides a supplementary metric for evaluating a country's level of development besides considering standard economic growth statistics, such as gross domestic product (GDP).

  3. The Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistic developed and compiled by the United Nations to measure and various countries' levels of social and economic development. It is composed of four principal areas of interest: mean years of schooling expected years of schooling, life expectancy at birth, and gross national income per capita. This index is a tool used to follow changes in development levels over time and to compare the development levels of different countries.

How to use Human development index (HDI) in a sentence?

  1. The HDI uses components such as average annual income and educational expectations to rank and compare countries.
  2. I felt that the human development index was not something useful because it made people seem like chickens and not humans.
  3. The human development index indicated the rising standard of living by the young nation was caused in large part to the new president.
  4. Knowing the human development index rating for a country you wish to do business with can help you set the cost to the right number.
  5. The HDI has been criticized by social advocates for not representing a broad enough measure of quality of life and by economists for providing little additional useful information beyond simpler measures of the economic standard of living.
  6. The HDI is a measurement system used by the United Nations to evaluate the level of individual human development in each country.

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