Hubbert Curve

Hubbert Curve,

Hubbert Curve: What is the Meaning of Hubbert Curve?

  1. Hubbert Curve refers to Hubert Curves is a way of predicting the expected level of production of a limited resource. When displayed on a graph, the result looks like a stylish bell-shaped curve.

    • The Hubert curve is a way of predicting the production level of a limited resource.
    • It was first developed in 1956 to describe the rate of fossil fuel production.
    • Today the Hubert curve is used in a variety of resource areas and has influenced the debate over the rate of change in the level of global oil production.

Literal Meanings of Hubbert Curve


Meanings of Curve:
  1. A line or contour that slowly deviates from a straight line in part or along its entire length.

  2. The place where the path deviates from the straight path.

  3. A curved line of a female figure

  4. A line of graph (straight or curved) that shows how one measurement changes relative to another.

  5. A system in which students are judged on the basis of their performance compared to other students, regardless of the actual knowledge of the subject.

  6. Form or shape curves.

  7. Suddenly challenging or upsetting someone.

  8. Behind current thinking or trends (especially from companies or politicians).

  9. (Especially companies or politicians) before current thinking or trends.

Sentences of Curve
  1. The lamppost will surround the compact space and follow the natural curves.

  2. Regrettably, he never published a description of the methods used to calculate the areas, the length of the curve, the tangent, and the maximum and minimum functions.

  3. And the length of the curve is still a contradictory function of the starting point.

  4. When the process was repeated on the rest of the protected area of ​​the wall, strange shapes of several concentric curves appeared.

  5. Deciding on his paintings, he said that the straight lines, curves and one-sided triangles in the picture could create children's writing.

  6. With the limited size of a sample, the curve deviates from this straight line and the deviation increases as the sample size decreases.

  7. The ruler marks a certain distance on a particular line and a certain mark while the other draws the curves of the shell.

  8. Many famous mathematicians, including Descartes, worked on a curved class called a cycloid.

Synonyms of Curve

delineation, contours, shape, lines, contour, configuration, arched, features, coil, loop, figure, meandering, recurved, bend, wind, hook, twisted, curl, twist, spiral, twisty, curves, undulating, bow, curvy, undulate