Howard Epps Bones

Howard Epps Bones

In which world is the neighborhood of Apps de Bones? 3

What is the environment of apps ... what is the story behind it ...?

Ward apps ... what a * tired * idiot.

The series was first introduced to us in the first season of the episode A Man On Row. This was fixed for 24 hours after the bones received the booth file. District Attorney Amy Morton is convinced that the incident had nothing to do with the environment and persuaded Booth to reopen the case. Regardless, Booth believes the protection is right, but he still commits and proves otherwise because ... that's his job. At the end of the episode, the group finds a tomb made of the same type of prey. Rubio, a 16-year-old student, accepted the stay because the rest had to be completed.

The second episode is The Blonde in the Game, in this episode the student is still in jail, but he has friends. He plays a mind game with Brennan, his main goal is to save Booth's life. As he imagined, he felt very guilty, but showed reasonableness about saving Booth's life.

The last episode we saw was The Man in the Cell. He came out of prison and continues to play mind games, not only with Brennan, but with the Jefferson team. He sent Angela a human heart, sent Cam to everyone to breathe the poison, and as a result Booth and Zack were trapped. His last game was in Brennan's apartment, he hid waiting to see me. He knew in advance, and the booth was there. His only option was to run and jump on the porch, but Booth grabbed his hand. Gradually losing control and constantly teasing the booth, the student lost control and fell alone.

Apparently, he has a fixation on Brennan, which causes him to break his wrist at the end of one episode of the season. He believes that everything is a game and if the rules are not followed then they will not be true, not because he made them.

Sorry if I leave, but this guy is really awesome!

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Howard Epps Bones