How We Can Secure By Using VPN?

Do you know a survey shows one in every four person uses VPN? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provide anonymity and privacy. It create a secure private connection through public internet connection. It is used to access region restricted websites, protecting browsing history and privacy. Now a days VPN is mostly used for accessing unblocked websites and for privacy. Whenever you connect your VPN it creates a secure private connection by which you are protected. It means no one can easily trace you and harm your device with malwares.

History Of VPN:

Increase in the usage of internet there is a need to protect data. In 1996 Gurdeep Singh-Pall, a Microsoft’s employee creates Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) virtual private network. He made this to use internet securely. Over the time different companies improve the quality of VPN with the use of different types of protocol like L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP. Due to this improvement users works more effectively and securely. These companies use different types of encryption to provide quality. Initially VPN technology is made for big companies. But due to its benefits it is also used for other online users. You can check the list of best VPN on

Benefits Of VPN:

Now a days anonymity and protecting data is crucial for all users. Many websites and hackers can steal your data. For this purpose we need to protect our self with different softwares like antivirus, antimalware and VPN. VPN plays very important role regarding anonymity and protecting your data. Here are some of the major benefits of VPN:

Hiding Your Private Information:

Everyone knows ISP and browsers track your data and location. It may be possible that they can sell your data which may be dangerous for you. For this purpose you must use VPNs. Virtual Private Network hides your private information by masking your IP. It create a private network for its users from there public network. By which his/her IP hide and VPN gives him a new IP. Whenever the user open suspicious website his IP is already changed. Due to which website are not able to steal users private information. Many VPNs uses different VPN technologies for masking IP. There are many VPNs which offers military-grade 256-bit encryption of your data.

Accessing Blocked Websites:

We already discussed one in every four people uses VPNs. Most of the people uses VPNs to access blocked websites like Netflix. There are many websites on the internet that are blocked in specific country or region. Let’s take an example of Netflix. As we know Netflix is blocked in many countries. Many people loves to watch videos on Netflix. But due to restriction they are unable to open this website.

For this reason they uses VPNs. Users can use free or paid VPNs. VPNs mask their public IP. And connects the user on a private network. Which gives the user another country IP. This will allow the user to open Netflix while staying in his country.

Securing Wifi Connection:

You know very well free WIFI connections are everywhere. It is unsecure to use someone’s or free Wi-Fi without VPN. Your data may be at risk. Anyone who is connecting with your Wi-Fi can see your activity. He can easily steal your Credit Card info, Bank details and Email Logins etc. Such type of dangers can insecure your connection.

For this purpose VPN is the best choice to make secure your connection. VPN uses encryption to secure your connection. It will encrypt your online communication and mask your IP. Due to which no one can monitor your activities. And you can easily perform your online tasks.

Prevent Bandwidth Throttling:

Do you know about bandwidth throttling? Sometime your ISP slow down your internet connection speed. This may happen once in a day or a week or once in a month. It will depend on your ISP. Mostly ISP throttle your internet bandwidth to maintain its service. Due to high internet users it may not possible for ISP to control the traffic. Due to which ISP decided to throttle the bandwidth.

There are two main ways by which we can prevent bandwidth throttling. One way is the use of Tor (The Onion Router) browser. And the other way is to use VPN. It will encrypt your complete internet connection. And also gives you a new IP by masking your old IP. That’s the reason ISP can not monitor your internet connection.

Disadvantages Of VPN:

As we all know VPN gives us security, anonymity and allows us to open geographical restricted websites. It may be possible at some instance Government and ISP are monitoring your online activity. But VPN gives its best solution. It encrypt all your communication and also mask your IP and gives you a new IP. However, we all know all things have some disadvantages. Here I am discussing some of its disadvantages:

Slow Down The Speed:

One of the major disadvantage of using VPN is it might be possible it can slow down your internet speed. We already discussed VPN connects with another private network. It may slow down your internet speed. However, there are some VPN in the market that does not slow down your internet speed as compared to another VPNs.

Illegal In Some Regions:

VPNs are illegal in some countries. Because it changes your IP, anyone can easily bypass Government Censorship. But some Governments want to take complete control of their internet users. Due to the use of VPN Government and ISP is not able to monitor your online activity easily. That’s why some Government allow only approved VPNs and some completely banned the VPN.

Blocked By Some Services:

There are some streaming and some other services which discourage to use VPN. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu etc. blocked the user IP. Because these services have some contracts with their distributors. And they are allowed to show their content in certain regions. Many people tries to open their content with the help of VPN. But most of the time when these networks detects, they blocked the IP.

Some VPN Monitor Your Data:

There are some VPN services which monitor your data and sell this data to third party. VPN services can easily monitor your activity. Because you are using their servers to encrypt your connection and masking your IP. This may be used to harm the user most of the time. Some third parties use this data to steal Credit Card, Bank info and Email logs.


Uses of VPN is beneficiary. These are not using only for accessing blocked websites but also for secure the data and internet connection. To checkout the list of best VPN you can click here.