How to work in a private job?

[Which will be contracted-]( here/34067)

Title 1: On what date will you pay your salary, how much will your salary increase after how many months.

Title 2: [Office hours.]( here/34067) (If the time is not right, you will understand what a job is, you will lose your individual freedom

Title 3:What do you need to do?
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Title 4: If you want to know about official holidays, then you can plan your personal life

If fresher-

Title 5:Learn to work as hard as you can. Be patient.


Love the work, but love the office is in your interest because if you don’t need it, the office will throw you out.

[Private job doe]( here/34067)s not mean that you have sold everything to the office, you do not go to show expertise in all the work.

Even if you have all the degrees in your possession after studying, you will see that in the beginning one day a laborer or a rickshaw puller may have to work for less than this salary. Not all degrees, you have to know the job.

  • You will feel that seniors are not deliberately fixing the rules and regulations of the office, just be patient until you become a senior or learn to work.

  • Do not leave the job in a hurry or angry.

  • Save 1/2 month salary money, so that there is no problem when the job is gone and you can continue till you get the next job.

  • [The chair](https://how many episodes are in hxh) in the office is fixed but the person will change, so different

  • When you are a fresher, you are not getting a job due to lack of experience, and if you have experience, then you will see that a fresher is being hired (actually sustenance comes from the sky).