How To Wash A Car Without Getting Dirty?

How To Wash A Car? well Maintaining a car is never an easy task. One of the important parts of maintenance is to keep the car clean. Who doesn’t like a shiny sparkling car, but that needs a lot of effort! Particularly in countries like UAE where sand storms are not uncommon.

If you are one of those who simply loves to google out the car wash near me options and drop of your car under professional supervision for cleaning, you are saving yourself from a lot of hassle. But if you are the one who is particular about your car wash and prefer to do it yourself, you must always be worried about how not to end with any scratch on the car while cleaning it. it is all about using the right material and the right way of cleaning

Things required for self-car wash

Before you set on your mission to clean your vehicle make sure you have everything required. Here is a list of things which you will need while washing your car at home.

  1. Two buckets of water

  2. Microfiber wash cloth and sponge

  3. Mild conditioning shampoo or soap or car cleanser

  4. Glass cleaner

  5. Long handled brush

  6. Water hose and nozzle

  7. Acid free spray wheel cleaner

  8. Wax and paint polishes

How to wash your car without damaging the paint

Car wash as it might appear to be, is not an easy process, and particularly self-cleaning the car is time consuming and tiring. Which is why most owners prefer to go for a professional car wash service. Also, you need to pay extra attention to make sure everything is clean and you have not caused any damage to your vehicle. Here is a step by step procedure on how to clean the car without scratching the paint.

1. Pick a cool and shady area

Yes, this is the first step for a smooth car wash, both for you and your car. Have you noticed the car wash area in the service centers, the cleaning area is always cool and shady? This is to make sure that direct sunlight is avoided while cleaning. Also never wash your car if its running hot. The reason is simply to avoid severe damage to the car parts.

2. Begin with rinsing

Once you have set yourself and your car in a comfortable place, rinse the car. Never start washing your car when it is dusty, so rinse the dust away. The reason is exactly why you are reading this at this moment, washing a dusty car might cause scratches to your car paint. Once you are done with dusting the car, you can start pouring water you get rid of the residual dust particles. Always begin from the top and go downwards, to prevent wastage of water.

3. Sponge it well

The next step for your car wash would be to sponge and rub the car surface gently. Always avoid rubbing the car surface in circular motion and go for the up and down motion as it would help you to prohibit swirl marks from appearing.

In case of black color car or darker color cars these swirl marks appear really nasty, and the only to avoid them is by avoiding circular motion while washing the car. You can use the soap or the cleaner during sponging but make sure to use the right amount and always mix it with water. Sponging is always followed by another round of rinsing so rinse with the microfiber cloth once your sponging is done.

4. Clean the wheels

Proceeding to the next step in the car wash routine is to clean the wheels. Again, use a soap dipped sponge to clean the tire just like the rest of the car surface. For tyres in particular avoid cleaning agents. After you are done sponging rinse them of with water.

5. Dry of the car

One important point to keep in mind while car wash and to avoid any possible mark on the car dry off the car surface immediately after sponging and rinsing. Use something like cheesecloth to dry off the car surface. This would prevent the water stains to settle down. And this is equally important to avoid the dust settling down on the wet surface. And as mentioned already wipe the car in an up and down motion to avoid swirl marks.

6. Wax the car

This is the last stage of the car wash. Waxing the car helps to protect the top coating of the car paint and gives a shinier look to your car. It is important to get the right brand. Before you start waxing the car unsure that the car is dust free and avoid waxing the car in sunlight. The direct sunlight will make the wax to harden even before you are completely done.

You don’t need a huge amount of the wax, to get the glossy look of the car, just a penny size drop on the sponge will do. Make sure you are using a clean and fresh sponge applicator. Segment the car and apply the wax, if needed you can reapply. And once again to give a more finished look avoid overlapping of the wax and use uniform motion.

What we have talked here is majorly about the exteriors of the car. The same cautiousness and patience would be required to clean the interiors without causing any damage. While it is preferred by many to self-wash the car, and it definitely saves a lot of money, getting a car wash service once in a while is recommended even by the professional.

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