How to Upgrade Graphics Card

When renewing a PC , the graphics card is one of the most important elements if your aspiration is to use the PC to play. If you are in that position and want to know which card to buy and how to choose it properly, we have prepared our graphics card buying guide with tips that you can currently buy according to your budget and needs.

Buying a graphics card: what you should know

Before diving in between prices or specifications of graphics cards to renew your PC, it is essential that you take a first step consisting of checking the compatibility of your current equipment . And it’s not just about connectors.

The first thing you should observe in your current computer is the issue of size, connections and configuration . The question of size is so basic that we could forget about it inadvertently: current graphics cards have a considerable size and could not fit within the tangle of current components that we have connected to our motherboard. The most complete models, for example, usually require the space of two PCIe slots and also due to their dimensions we must ensure that they are compatible with the current PC case

Another direct check would be that of the power supply . Depending on the model we choose, the most powerful cards of today are avid consumers of energy and need a source that provides it since they are not powered by the connection port but rather have dedicated power connectors . And pay attention to the number of 6/8 pin connections that we have available for the most powerful graphics.

In the event that the graphics card of our dreams is not compatible with the previous components, the renewal of the PC must include more elements.

The graphics card is not alone in the PC

The desire to have the best graphics performance faces the reality of the budget we have and the fact that the graphics card is not the only component of our gaming or video / photo work system. Finding the right balance will depend on many factors.

It will be useless to acquire a high-end card if neither memory nor processor are balanced and will complement the new beast of the team. Even the monitor can be a bottleneck that requires a facelift.

We will have to assess whether investing in a graphics to play at 4K without having a monitor with which to take advantage of that extra is something we want to do thinking about the future (where we will buy a new monitor) or on the contrary, without planning to renew the monitor, it will be an expense of money that we will not take advantage of and that it will be convenient to reserve for a future purchase.

Wrapping Up

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing when buying a graphics card to renew our PC, we must be as clear as possible the purpose and use that we will give our PC with the new graphics card. The decision on the resolution at which we aspire to play and what frequency of images per second we want in a sustained way will be the starting point to choose the best graphics card.

Models of previous generations that have dropped in price or not high ranges are good options if they fit our real needs a few years from now.