How to Update windows Driver Easily with Advanced Driver Updater

Want to know how to update Windows Drivers? Read the article and know yourself.

Drivers are an integral part of any Windows Operating System that helps the PC to perform smoothly. Being the communication link between the Operating System and the hardware, they must function properly and are updated to the latest version.

Without a compatible driver or a driver that is obsolete, users frequently face unexpected problems, speed lags, poor performance as well as system crashes.

Why It Is Important to Update Windows Drivers?

It is very important to have the latest drivers installed on your Windows 10 PC to:

  • Boost PC speed and performance.

  • Have an excellent gaming experience.

  • Resolve display issues.

  • Keep your hardware working properly.

  • Avoid compatibility issues between hardware and Operating System.

  • Avoid System crashes.

  • Resolve audio, video, display errors.


How To Update Windows Drivers?

Below are mentioned some of the easy techniques using which one can easily update the drivers to their latest versions and have their PC performing at its best.

1. Perform Windows Update:

Windows frequently releases bug fixes, improved features that include driver updates as well. This means if you update your Windows regularly, you will have the latest drivers downloaded and updated automatically along with the Windows update.

In order to perform a Windows update on your Window 10 PC, follow the steps below:

  • From the Start Menu type Settings and open the Settings window.

  • From the Settings window, click on the Update & Security option.

  • Post this, click on Windows Update.

  • Here, click on the Check for updates button to download any updates if available.

  • Just below this option you will find the View optional updates button, click on it.

  • Post this choose the Driver updates option and finally choose the driver you want to update and install.

  • Click on the Download and install button to install the update.

2. Download Windows Drivers Using Device Manager:

Another easy method to update Windows drivers is through the Device Manager. Device Manager displays all the hardware and drivers attached to them and easily lets you update the incompatible or out-of-date drivers.

In order to install the latest version of any driver using the Device Manager simply follow the steps below:

  • From the Start Menu, type Device Manager and press the Enter key. This will open the Device Manager on your PC.

  • From the window, look for the hardware you have to update the driver for.

  • Expand the driver by clicking twice on the driver.

  • Once on the driver, right-click on it and from the drop-down menu, click on the Update driver option.

  • You will then be asked to choose how you want to download the driver. From the Web or install an already downloaded driver.

  • Choose “Search automatically for drivers” if you want to download the driver from the internet, otherwise, if you already have the driver installed, simply click on “Browse my computer for drivers”.

This is how you can use the Device Manager to download and update Windows drivers.

While the above methods are simple and easy to perform, many of us are not text savvy and do not want to do all this manually. For this, you can always opt for a Driver updater software like Advanced Driver Updater which does all the work for you in a few clicks.

2. Advanced Driver Updater:

Advanced Driver Updater by Systweak Software is an amazing driver updating utility that keeps all the drivers up-to-date and working smoothly always. Please note a Driver is a piece of software that helps the system to communicate with the hardware devices installed on it.

Over time, these existing drivers get obsolete, resulting in poor system performance and limited hardware functionality. Advanced Driver Updater scans your system and displays outdated drivers. All you need to do to update to the most recent ones is click a button.

The latest drivers give you enhanced functionality, minimize erratic behavior and improve system performance. Therefore, it is very important to update the drivers on your system from time to time.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy to use interface.

  • Update drivers with a few simple clicks.

  • Provides complete Restore functionality to restore drivers whenever required.

  • Exclusion list to exclude drivers a user does not wish to scan.

  • Boosts speed and performance of the Windows 10 PC.

  • Updater all types of drivers like network drivers, display drivers, audio, video, graphics drivers, etc.

  • Resume facility while downloading any driver.

  • Easy Schedule functionality to automatically scan and update obsolete or incompatible drivers.

  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and XP (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Download today.

Without a proper driver, any Windows PC can behave abnormally, face compatibility issues, slow and poor performance as well as experience unexpected crashes. Hence it is always advised to keep all the drivers up-to-date. Updating Windows drivers to their latest versions not only avoids compatibility issues but also boosts the speed and overall performance of your Windows PC.