How to Track Traffic From Instagram?

You will need to monitor your social traffic in the best possible way to drive them to your site and then convert them into your sales leads Several free and paid tools will help you in this process. One such useful tool to use to know more about your Instagram traffic is Google Analytics.

The good thing about Google Analytics is that you can use the UTM or Urchin Tracking Module Tags to know your traffic, which invariably is the best and most effective way to proceed to identify and track your Instagram traffic. Also known as Campaign Tracking, when you add UTM tags it will:

  • Work for Instagram with 100% accuracy.

  • Also, be highly effective for any other external source that you may wish to use to drive more social traffic to your site

  • Provide you with exact Google Analytics data and

  • Log traffic just the way you want it to.

All these will be extremely useful for any marketer to get more real Instagram likes, though initially, things may look a bit scary.

Setting up UTM tags

You will need to set the UTM tags properly to track the desired parameters and metrics of the traffic source in the Google Analytics dashboard. For this, you will need to ensure that:

  • You know where exactly you want the visitors to land on when they click on the tagged link.

  • You know which particular page is best aligned with the goal of your business and marketing campaign so that you can send the visitors there

  • Create a specific landing page on your website that is exclusive for the Instagram traffic and

  • The landing page is mobile-friendly.

Also, remember that Google Analytics is case sensitive. Therefore, if you want to keep things consistent, use lowercase so that the traffic is not separated in your dashboard.

Analyze audience demographics

The best way to gain more followers on Instagram is to know and analyze your audience demographics.

  • This will enable you to create content that will perform well and will also deliver them the solution they want.

  • Another good thing about analyzing your audience demographics is that you will know precisely the type of people your content is attracting.

Both these features will ensure that you make the necessary changes as and when required. This means you will be consistent with your content and its delivery.

Look beyond gender and age

If you want to know and get more followers on this platform, you will need to know much more than the gender and age of the traffic. You will need to know other things like:

  • The location of the audience.

  • The times when they are most likely to be active and

  • The content that will create a higher level of engagement.

  • All these will enable you to fine-tune your marketing as well as your content strategy.

With the help of the native analytics of Instagram, it will be easier for you to discover simple information as well as access it from your app directly.

Use individual post analytics

When you are sure that your profile is performing well and is attracting the right type of audience, you must now focus on analyzing the individual posts. This will enable you to find out how every single message is resonating with the target audience. This will, in turn, help you to deliver only that type of content that will be appreciated by your audience.

When you analyze the individual posts, you will come to know a wide and varied range of statistics such as:

  • Interactions of the users taken directly for your posts, profile, hyperlink, or the call to action.

  • Discovery of new content that you may not be following anymore and the number of accounts visited through it.

You will also come to know other statistics such as the follows, reach, impressions, saves, and comments.

Get proper insights

The analytics tools will also help you to get some appropriate Insights about your traffic on Instagram. Typically, the Instagram Insights will help you to know what type of people are interacting with your brand on Instagram. You will get different insights, such as:

  • Age range.

  • Gender and

  • Location.

In addition to that, you will also be able to see those particular posts and stories that are preferred by your target audience. You will be able to know those contents that will create a higher rate of engagement among your Instagram audience. Not only that, but Insights will Also let you know the paid activities as well.

In short, the Insights will help you to know about the reach of your accounts as well as the impressions that it creates both on the paid and organic traffic. However, to gain such Insights, you will first have to convert your Instagram profile into a business account, if you have not already.

Different types of tools to use

There are several free Instagram Analytics tools and apps that are available, and you can use one or a couple of them according to your business needs, the type of audience you target, and the type of information that you want to know. These tools have played a significant role in Instagram analytics in 2019 and are destined to stay as useful in 2020 as well.

The best and the most rapidly growing popular tools that you can use to know the performance of your Instagram marketing efforts include:

  • Union Metrics.

  • Instagram Insights

  • Crowdfire

  • Iconosquare

  • Pixlee

  • Squarelovin

  • Socialbakers

More than 90% of companies use one or two of these tools to know the right metrics regarding the engagement and activity of your target audience.

Grow Your Business

With Instagram Analytics, you will be able to grow your followers as well as business. You will also know about the rate of growth at which your followers are growing. You will be able to track the progress of your marketing as well as discover the areas in which you need improvement.

You will be able to increase engagement, optimize stories, drive more traffic, know the best times to post as well.