How To Thaw Ground For Digging

How To Thaw Ground For Digging

Any idea about diluting the soil for burying pets? 3

I recently had a dog that was far away. It is mid-winter and there is a record snowfall. I need some ideas to melt the earth tomorrow when I can bury it. Thoughts? Please do not advise me to freeze as this is not an option. And please don't say that nothing can move where I am because of literally nine inches of snow. So I have no place to take you.

Good ideas are highly valued in these difficult times. He was a very sweet dog to us and I wanted to make sure he had a proper ■■■■■■■.



I have nothing and no crematorium. I could not reach the animal cemetery because of the snow and it was higher than my car. And since they couldn't come here ... there was only burial.

Thanks for the idea of ​​boiling water. I will try The yellow of the wind will not be so bad tomorrow.

First of all, I apologize for your inconvenience and I understand your wishes. In practice, what you want to do is impossible ... the ground is too frozen for that. I guess I have no choice but to wrap it up in the freezer with care and respect or keep it out of trouble if it gets too big. You can take it to the doctor (we can send it to the crematorium for you) or bury it in the spring when the ground melts. I'm in Michigan.

Sorry to miss you, last week I had to bury one of my beloved dogs in freezing temperatures.

As long as you have options, and a rain coat would be better if you could borrow one. Clean the areas you don't need, the ground can only freeze a few inches, so you really have to keep beaking. If you have an SUV or moving car, park where you want to bury your dog and let John roam for a while, until you turn it off, the heat of the car will soften the ground ۔ I wish I could help you. Nurse

Because the weather is so cold, all you have to do is wait for the water to pour in, the ice will melt and freeze and get ■■■■■■ in the snow. I don't know how to fix it, but you can try to sing for a while after clearing the snow, until there is no place in the shed to bury it. Keep it in a safe place until you call to find out if it is experiencing this type of weather. I think they kept it there until the spring of two years ago. Even a small grave digging tractor will not work this season.

■■■■■■■ thoughts

How To Thaw Ground For Digging

How To Thaw Ground For Digging

My cat survived and I live west of my mother and it's really cold here. Therefore, he did not freeze, let him rest comfortably. My wife said she would go to the room where I usually sit her on my lap and hide under the sofa. She remained silent all day until I forced myself to meow. So that he could say goodbye, I picked him up and picked him up on my lap and five minutes later he left quietly.

You will need to boil a lot of water, which will soften and melt the bottom. I recommend (if you have a kettle, stove and microwave) that you use them all in one go for heating, pouring and digging so that after shaking the soft bottom you always have boiling water available. Be

And I'm sorry about your dog.

Use a welding flashlight. The water freezes to cool immediately. Or make a place where you want to bury it and let it burn for a few hours. You can then loosen the ground with packs.

Edit: This is going to be really difficult. I have a bagel this season and I have to wrap it up and keep it in my barn until the weather warms up. I have to keep cats in my cat freezer even in winter. Veterinarians keep animals in the freezer. Sometimes you can't cross frozen ground.

Do you have a squickbox? A cheeseburger cake recipe. I was always careful, but I tried it once and it wasn't bad and my son liked it too. Do you have pepper? You can make lightly chopped peppers by sprinkling and cooking the meat (and some onions, maybe carrots or spinach, rice, tomato sauce). Do you have pepper You can make Chilimac. This is where the peppers are made, but the noodles are mixed. This makes it a lot of fun for anyone but the biggest pepper fans. Minced meat? You can also make hamburgers and offer buns.

If the idea of ​​boiling water doesn't work and you can't find a way to dig, I suggest you wrap the Y and put it in the ice until you dig a pit. Sounds a bit, but in practice freezes the y, prevents it from smelling, and so on. Unless you can bury it

My sympathy

How To Thaw Ground For Digging

How To Thaw Ground For Digging

It can't be. That's why Native Americans planted their trees in the winter.

They can be burned (I think this is a good option, why not?) And some animal shelters do so for free. our. I have a lot of dog ashes. I'll move it one day, but not soon.

Edited to add: Boil as much water as you want, but unless you're a chicken, you won't go too far with a flame thrower on hard, frozen ground. We apologize. Wrap it in a garbage bag and keep it cool (in a garage or ice cube) until you burn it.

How To Thaw Ground For Digging